Coral Reef Slots

One of the great things about the 3-reel video slot games that you'll find at Golden Casino is that they aren't the bog standard fruit machines you find everywhere else – each one has an interesting twist of some sort. For example, look at Coral Reef. On the face of it, it's a classic one armed bandit: it's got three reels and a center pay line. Except it's got a lot more under the hood. Part of the reason it's so popular is that it features multiple user-activated additional pay lines and two pay tables, plus a nifty Stop Spin button. Read on to find out more about this great game, or try Coral Reef Slots right now by downloading Liberty Slots Casino's free software. You'll be glad you did.

Diving Into the Coral Reef

Coral Reef works much like you'd expect a classic 3-reel slot to work. For the uninitiated, you need to place a bet of between 1 and 4 coins, and spin the reels. When they come to rest, you'll get paid out if matching symbols line up on the pay line. Coral Reef let you match your playing style to your budget, however, by allowing you to set the value of each coin you'll bet. Starting out? You can set it as low as 10c until you find your sea legs. Seasoned Pro? You can push the limit all the way to $10 a coin if you like. By giving you this choice, you can play as many coins as you like while still staying within your bankroll. This is cool because you can see all the advanced features of the game without being forced to bet tens of dollars on every spin.

Finding Valuable Coral

There aren't too many symbols in this game so there's no danger of getting overwhelmed. On the bottom (and bizarrely, the top) of the pay table are two symbols: the red 7 and the Coral Reef game logo. Any single one of these on the center line pays out a win – but they're worth far, far more if they form up on a diagonal payline. After the single 7s and Reefs, the symbols become more standard: single and double bars make up most of the middle order payouts, and a cute fishy is the game's top prize, worth up to $20,000 if hit on max bet and max coin.

Hidden Wonders in the Reef

The secret to getting the maximum out of this game is maxing the coins. Not only does this vastly increase the potential payouts, but it turns on all the extra pay lines. But they work a bit differently than you might think. What makes this game unique is that the additional pay lines are sensitive to specific combinations only. For example, adding a second coin turns on a top-left to bottom-right diagonal, but only clocks wins if 3 Coral Reef logos land on it – bars and fish won't trigger it.