Fruit Slots

Fruit Slots Slots

Fruit Slots is about as generic a one armed bandit as you can get - but that's also its primary charm. A video slot is a simple game of chance. The outcome is as random as a game of Roulette, and this used to be the main appeal of the old coin munching machines.

Recently video slots have been trying to one-up each other to add the most new features, zoomy animations and ear splitting sound effects, but Fruit Slots takes things back to the basics in a classic, stylish way. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but what it is a clean, beautifully implemented simulation of an original machine.

If you have a hankering for the good old days of slots before everything went online, enjoy a huge wave of nostalgia by trying Fruit Slots today at Liberty Slots Casino. You don't even need to install anything - LibertySlots Casino will let you play this game in your web browser.

How to Choose a Piece of Fruit

This is a straightforward one armed bandit - and so playing it is equally straightforward. There are no hidden features here, what you see is what you get.

For slot newbies, then: you're looking at 3 spinnable reels, all covered with images, mostly of fruit. The round begins when you place a wager of between 10c and $10, and press the Spin button to start the reels moving. You win money if, when the reels come to rest, matching symbols line up on the pay line.

It couldn't be simpler - there's really nothing else to this game.

What's In the Fruit Bowl?

The pay table is displayed prominently on the right-hand side of the screen, so you will have no trouble finding out which pieces of fruit are the most valuable. As is traditional in this type of game, a single cherry anywhere on the pay line gives you an instant win.

Any two lemons will also give you a win, but after that you will need three of a kind to cash in. The pay table includes lemons, grapes, kiwifruit, oranges, and bananas, all worth about the same.

After that, it's the classic single, triple and double bar symbols, and the game's top jackpot comes to you courtesy of three cherries.

Getting the Most Out of Fruit

In keeping with its authentic style, Fruit Slots does not feature a bonus round - neither did the original one armed bandit. However, there is a strategy you can employ to get the most out of this game: play three coins.

The reason this is worthwhile is that the top jackpot is worth five times more on three coins than it is on one. And since you can control the coin size, it doesn't have to cost you more to play this way.