Holiday Feast Slots

Holiday Feast is an exciting, easy to play video slot game based around the theme of Thanksgiving. Of course, you don't have to wait until the holidays to play this game - it's just as good all year round.

What sets Holiday Feast apart from other slots in this genre is that, despite the fact that it's only a three reel game, it has a lot of extra features that you typically only expect to find in five reel games: it's got Scatter symbols, Wild symbols, and a bonus round. Not to mention the fact that it's got a $24,000 top jackpot prize.

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Relax and Win Cash This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is the time of year for relaxing and having fun with your family members. It follows then that this game is suitably easy to play, in keeping with the holiday spirit. It's pretty simple to master.

The main part of the display features three reels, each wrapped in a random selection of symbols. To play the game, make a bet of between one and three coins, and click the Spin Reels button. What you're aiming for is that when the reels stop spinning, matching symbols line up on the pay line - when this happens, you get paid out according to which symbols have lined up.

It really couldn't be any simpler.

A Feast of Images

The lowest paying symbol in the game is the Scatter symbol: a big piece of Pie. What's nice about it is that it pays out whenever it lands on the line, regardless of what else is there. It's a low win, but its regular.

After that, expect to see single, double and triple Bars. As is traditional in this kind of game, combinations of mismatched Bars still triggers a win.

The second most valuable symbol in the game is a Leaf - we think it's to signify the season of the year - and finally, a traditional Hat worn by the Founding Fathers. The Hat is also the game is Wild symbol, and if it lands on the pay line with two other matching symbols, the winnings are doubled.

Delicious Bonus Turkey

To trigger this game's bonus feature you need to be playing on three coins. It's launched whenever the Bonus Turkey lands on the line.

You're presented with a bunch of Turkey sitting around, each hiding a random amount of cash. You can pick up to 3 Turkeys, but you can only keep the cash from under one of them.