Jester's Jackpot Slots

If you like a bit of a laugh, Jester's Jackpot might the game for you. It's a branded game available exclusively at Liberty Slots Casino, and it does an interesting take on the fact that so many slots tend to pad their images with playing card symbols. Jester's Jackpot takes this to an extreme by making the game exclusively about the cards. In a sense, this game is like a slot version of Go Fish. Except that unlike Go Fish, this game has a $25,000 jackpot prize. Play Jester's Jackpot at Liberty Slots today – you won't find this game anywhere else on the Internet. Liberty Slots's software is available as a free download, but you can also play this game on their website if you don't like installing games on your computer.

Surely You Jest

The game works on a very simple concept, which makes it very easy to master. The bulk of the display is taken up by five reels, each covered with playing cards. The idea is to place a bet, and click the appropriate button to make the reels start spinning. If, when they come to rest, the same playing cards line up with each other to make a set, you'll be paid out a multiple of whatever your original bet was. Different playing cards are obviously worth different amounts of money. Of course, they don't have to line up in the middle: Jester's Jackpot supports up to 9 pay lines. Each line that you activate gives you an additional chance to win something with every spin the reels.

What's In the Deck?

All told, this game uses seven different symbols, the low number making it easier to hit combinations more often. At the bottom of the pay scale is the Liberty Slots logo and the Jester's hat. Values go up sharply thereafter. Jacks are worth 100 coins, and Queens 250. A set of Kings will earn you 500 coins, while a hand of Aces will earn you 1000. The most valuable symbol is the Jester himself, who will earn you $25,000 if you play this game on max bet.

Make Good Money By Jesting

Jester's Jackpot is extremely streamlined, and has no Wild symbols, Scatter symbols, or Bonus rounds. You would think, therefore, that you can't win a lot of money playing this game. However, this isn't the case. Jester's Jackpot may not offer as large payouts as some other games, but what it does do is hit more regularly. Typically you will find while playing this game that each individual win isn't massive, but that there's many more of them. Consequently, this is actually a good game to play if your bankroll is getting low – some payouts trigger with combos of only 2 symbols.