Million Dollar Rally Slots

If you like burning rubber, fast cars and piles of cash, we've got just the game for you. Million Dollar Rally is a racing themed video slot from Wager Gaming Technology. It's all about the pedal to the metal action world of Rally Driving, and is full of exciting graphics, smooth animations and pulse quickening sound effects.
This is a stripped down, ultralight game that's designed to play quick and win hard: the top to the prize that it pays out is $100,000, which may account for its wild popularity.
Get behind the wheel of this game today by downloading it for free from the Liberty Slots Casino website . Using a shared computer or a Mac? No problem - you can play the game right in your web browser.

Learning to Drive Fast Cars

This game doesn't come with a manual, but it doesn't need one. You can jump into the driver's seat and zoom off into the arms of chance and high fortune after only a couple of spins worth of experience.
Like the super streamlined cars that you see in rally driving, the designers of million-dollar rarely have kept the game as simple as possible. You're looking at five reels, each covered with symbols to do with the exciting world of professional racing. The aim of the game is to spin the reels as fast as you can, and try to make match combinations land on the pay line when they finally hit the brakes.
You can only bet a single coin on the pay line, but the game does allow you to specify what that coin is worth. Weekend racer? Take out some insurance by playing for as little as one cent per coin. Professional driver? Punch the accelerator with a bet of $10.
Bear in mind, you can activate additional pay lines (there are five in all) to increase your chances of winning the Million Dollar Rally.

Watch the Road Signs For Big Wins

Almost everything you see on the reels has something to do with Rally car racing. The exceptions to this rule are traditional gambling icons such as red cherries and sevens.
However, the rest consists of things like to get flags, spinning tyres, and super modified stock cars.
In this kind of racing, the vehicles used are extremely lightweight. Everything not absolutely necessary to the ride is tossed out: the back seats, no spare tire, no boot. With this philosophy in mind, don't expect to see wild or scatter symbols in this game. It's been stripped to the bare essentials.

First Place Gets the Cash Win

As you're aware, video slots of this kind pay out a multiple of whatever your initial wager was. Since the top prize in this game is 10,000 coins, you are best off playing a maximum coin size, putting yourself in line for a $100,000 win. If you're concerned about hammering your bankroll, play less lines.