Monte Magic Slots

Imagine a video slot that offers all of the simplicity, ease of play and regular winnings of a three reel slot, but also incorporates the special features of a five reel slot. Sounds good? Because it exists, and it's called Monte Magic.

This is a lightweight yet incredibly fun game, based on the dazzling theme of a magic show. It's perfect for all levels of slots players, and it's rapidly gaining in popularity in no small part due to how entertaining the bonus round is.

For a chance to wave a magic wand, try out Monte Magic at Liberty Slots Casino today. Their software is available for free download, or you can play this game - and many others just as good - on their website.

Learn the Art of Magic

Monte Magic is an easy game to learn, and doesn't require any tricks up your sleeve to play well. The most critical decision you have to make comes right at the beginning: how much do you want to bet?

You see, like all classic video slots, the game works on "coins". To play a round, you wager between one and three coins, but Monte Magic allows you to specify how much each coin is worth. Just investigating the game? You can play for pennies. Hard-core high roller? The maximum you can bet is $10 a coin.

After that, the game is as simple as spinning the three reels and trying to get three identical symbols to line up on the pay line.

Magical Paraphernalia

The symbols used in this game all represent items that a magician uses as part of their show. There is a Scatter symbol in the form of a Magic Cane, which triggers a win whenever it appears, even if it's not part of a combination.

After that, Golden Stars appear (not bars), in single, double, and triple formations. They payout most when they're matched three of a kind, but any three kinds of stars on the line triggers a win.

After that, look out for Rabbits, and the Magician's Top Hat. The Top Hat is Wild, and it's also a fabulous multiplier, doubling the value of any combination it finds itself part of. In fact, if you get two Hats on the line, you win four times whatever the third symbol is worth.

Mysterious Magical Bonus Rounds

To trigger the bonus game, you have to be playing on maximum coin. It's launched whenever a Rabbit falls on the line.

In the bonus game, you're presented with 12 cards, each of which hides a random amount of cash. From the 12, you must pick three, but you can't see what amount of money they're hiding.

The rest of the cards are discarded, and your three cards are shuffled. You must pick one. This final card is turned over, and you can see how much bonus cash you've won.