Fire & Steel Slots

Fire and Steel Slots is one of the latest games from casino software provider Betsoft Gaming. In Fire and Steel, players will see a fast-paced game with a lot of imagery. This is one of those slot games which is good to play at almost any time. The complete title is FIRE & STEEL: War Of The Wilds. It is the latest addition to the Slots3 series which includes other games such as Kawaii Kitty, Blood Eternal and Fa-Fa Twins Slots. With the type of 3-D technology, themes and visual design, players will have a unique slot game experience. Also, anyone can play Fire and Steel Slots at an instant play or mobile casino.

Similar Slot

Anyone who is familiar with the Game of Thrones series will see the resemblance in FIRE & STEEL, as these two games do have similar themes. Game of Thrones Slots was created by Microgaming, and it is novel which were turned into a television series. Game of Thrones Slot has 5 reels and game modes of 15 lines or 243 ways to win with. Players can decide which game mode they prefer. There are coin wagers accepted which range from $0.15 up to $6 depending on which mode is chosen. Slots players can look forward to the best parts of the Game of Thrones storyline in this slot game. There are the four Houses, playing cards, and the Game of Thrones slot game logo. This slot games also has a lot of bonus features. This includes a special feature for each of the Houses, which will award free spins and multipliers. This can be as much as 18 free spins or 5x multiplier, depending on which bonus feature rewarded with. Game of Thrones Slots does not have a progressive jackpot, but the fixed jackpot is as much as 20,250 coins times the wager.


Fire and Steel Slots game shows the energy contained in a galactic battle as good tries to hold back evil. The storyline of Fire and Steel involves two Houses, which were once ruled by the High Queen. When the High Queen dies, there is no successor chosen, and the battle begins for control of the kingdom. The first is the House of the Shieldmaiden who presides over the mountains and deserts. The second is the House of the Swordsman who presides over the watery bogs and swamps. The kingdom is also under attack from dragons. When Fire and Steel Slots begins, players will be able to see the technology which has gone into creating this slots game. On either side of the reels is the Swordsman and the Shieldmaiden. Behind the reels is the lands that these two have control over with menacing looking dragons flying over. Below the reels are the buttons for gameplay such as “Choose Coin” “Bet Per Line” “Max Bet” “Spin” “Double Up” and “Autoplay.”  


Fire & Steel Slots has 20 paylines, but a unique reel system with the reels in the arrangement of 3. 4 . 5. 4. 3 for the reel system. Players will see symbols such as the main characters, the Shieldmaiden and the Swordsman. There are dragons, WILDs, crowns, shields, chalice, knife, helmet, spellbook, and various colorful gems. There is more than one wild symbol, the WILD, Shieldmaiden and Swordsman symbols. The game pays from left to right and from left from right. Coin wagers range from $0.01 up to $5 with $100 the max wager.


The payout for Fire & Steel Slots shows it does reward players for taking the time to enjoy this casino slots game. The lower paying symbols are the colorful gems, and five matching symbols of each gem will pay from 20 to 30 coins. There are medium paying symbols such as the chalice, knife, helmet and spellbook, and five of each of these will award 50 to 100 coins. The higher value symbols range from 150 to 250 and include the shields and crown symbols. The wild symbols will pay 50 coins for 3 symbols, 150 coins for 4 symbols, and pay the top jackpot of 500 coins for five wilds in Fire and Steel Slots.

Bonus Features For Fire and Steel Slots

  • One of the special features to be found in Fire and Steel Slots occurs with the wild symbols. The first feature is activated by the Shieldmaiden. She will send out a Beam of Strength in a horizontal direction along the reels when she appears. This beam of light will exchange with other symbols to turn them into WILDs.
  • Another special feature is triggered by the Swordsman. He will send out a Beam of Strength in the vertical direction along the reels. When this beam of light happens, he will make exchanges for symbols to change them into WILDs. Keep in mind the WILDs, Shieldmaiden and Swordsman cannot exchange for each other.
  • One of the bonus features in this game is the War of the Wilds Feature. The War of the Wilds is triggered when both the Shieldmaiden and Swordsman are on the reels at the same time, and each of them sends out a beam. This will cause a clash of beams to occur where the two beams meet, and sticky WILD symbols will appear. This will trigger 10 free spin games. The War of the Wilds feature can be re-triggered for more wilds.
  • Fire and Steel Slots has a Double Up feature which becomes active after a winning spin. Players can risk 50 percent or all of the win from the previous spin by guessing the outcome of a coin toss.

Fire & Steel is Waiting

As players can see, there is a lot going on in this game, and no one would want to miss a minute at spinning the reels for themselves. There is not another slots game like it. You can play Fire & Steel Slots at a participating Betsoft casino.