Triple Juicy Drops Slots

What number of five-reel video games do you know that have five icons per reel? However, slot players should know there are plenty of options available if you're willing to look them up. Betsoft added a title to the type of slot game and now offers Triple Juicy Drops online. Players can try the demo version at any Betsoft casino whenever you want to step into fun gaming.

About Triple Juicy Drops

Triple Juicy Drops feature collection has many more ways to win rewards than the traditional options at the pay table. The gameplay and graphics of the video slot are comparable to other casino games. This game is great for those who enjoy excitement. Lots of online casinos offer Triple Juicy Drops for their customers. It is here how players can see Triple Juicy Drops online casinos. To show you casinos that are open to players.

The Cascading Symbols

First it is a must mention that this title features a cascade feature. We will start by mentioning it. Any combination of non-scatter symbols that wins activates the cascades.

The Wilds and Wins

This game features wilds that behave in unexpected ways. When playing the free spins mode, wilds can appear again on the reels if different winning combinations are lost. These wilds can also provide multipliers up to 3x. These prizes are available at the base level. Five of a Kind will provide 20 times the wager, four of the same kind gives 8 times, and three of the same kind is up to five times. Wild diamonds can increase your chances of winning more.

The Game Has Prize Wheels

Triple Juicy Drops online slots machines have the main attraction of their prize wheels. The meters can be filled with any symbol that corresponds with the meter. The symbols are updated every 20 spins and the meters reset accordingly.

Fill up one meter and get a spin on the prize wheel. These are the best wins for each wheel. The wheel prizes start at the Mega version at 40,000 times and goes to the Mini version at 1000 times as the prize. There is also a Super version that can potentially win 4,000 times the amount. This keeps the wheel turning and allows you see how close it is to spinning.

See the Free Spins in Action With Multipliers

The slot game does have a free spins feature. All reels have the scatter symbol. It has a unique look. Five scatters rewards with 25x. There is also four of a kind that gives 10 times, and 3 of the same provides a 5 times win. These scatters can also be used to win players free spins. Anyone who receive five Scatters can obtain 15 free game spins. Four scattered symbols are rewarded with 12 spins, and three slot scatters give 10 Free Spins. Wilds cannot be visible on reels in the Free Spins mode.

How to Play

We recommend that you adjust your betting because of the volatility. This will smoothen out swings. Once you've completed the 20-spin set, don't change your bet size. Your game progress might be lost if you do not.

Understand the Paytable

Betsoft has simplified the game's payout table. You can get 15 times with five watermelons and 10 times with five oranges. Five identical grapes or lemons wins you 5x. You'll get 1x if you also receive five bananas or five cherry lines.

The Game Return to Player

Triple Juicy Drops Return To Player (RTP) shows that the RTP of 95.73% can be obtained.

About the Jackpot

There is a big win coming and it is possible to win as much as 20,000 times the wager. If things get really crazy, then this is where the prizes could be won. It's nice to have the best prize potential.

Plenty of Wilds or Game Scatters

These are the traditional features of online slots. However, there are some tweaks to Triple Juicy Drops. First, wilds may have multipliers with the values 1x-2x or 3x. This is where we think the title's triplet part comes from.

In the drop feature the cascading symbols are part of the game. The winning icons are removed when a prize is won and new icons drop from the top. This can give you more winning combinations and symbols.

Try the Prize Wheels Feature

Three Prize Wheels are included in the game. The idea behind the game is that winning combinations will contribute to the symbol meters of the prize wheels. These spins reset after 20 spins. You must fill at least 1 meter before the spins end.

You can trigger multiple wheels at once. You can win a prize or free spins by spinning the triggered wheel. You can win more prizes if you spin the better wheels.

Try Triple Juicy Drops Slots

This feature is available at all Betsoft casinos that offer it, so make sure you check out the site. It's worth trying, even though the graphics may not be as complex or detailed as you would expect from this developer. However, it's an excellent game that has many notable features when you explore Triple Juicy Drops Slots.