Wacky Panda Slots

One of the latest slots game from Microgaming is Wacky Panda Slots. This is fun-filled slots game with the cutest character imaginable. Behind the reels is a lush forest with lots of bamboo, and the beautiful waterfall. Slots players will see the main characters, the wacky pandas, and each of them have different expressions on their faces.

Other symbols on the reels are plenty of fruit such as watermelons, bananas and grapes and other food that pandas love to eat. Wacky Panda online slot has 3 reels and there are 5 pandas in total. This is a classic slots game with only one payline.

However, even as a classic slot, Wacky Panda Slots accepts wagers from 0.01 to 16,665 and up to three coins can be wagered on the line. The lowest win is 10 coins for one of the red wacky panda symbols. The highest win is 3,333 coins with three of the red wacky panda wearing the watermelon.

The next payout below this is the crying yellow panda which pays between 300 to 900 coins for one to two coin wagers. On the surface, Wacky Panda looks like a simple game, but it has the potential for big payouts. You can enjoy Wacky Panda slots a participating Microgaming casino.