Greedy Goblins Slots

You might not have given much thought lately to the secret world of Goblins. How about elves? However, goblins and elves are the too main characters everyone will encounter. This slots game is the continuation of the previous slots called Once Upon A Time Slots. Greedy Goblins can be played using desktop computers, instant play and at your favorite mobile casino when they play Greedy Goblins slots.

Game Facts

This is a game created by Betsoft, and it contains a little bit of every bonus feature you can imagine. Players can look forward to experiencing cascading symbols and wilds which stick to the reels to increase wins. It would also be helpful to know Greedy Goblins slots is a progressive game with a huge jackpot. This is the secret world of the Goblins and Elves, and at times you will smile or laugh out laugh to see how they “get along.”

Players can expect 5 reels and 30 paylines arranged in three rows. The symbols in this slots are the Elves, Goblins, Coins, Crowns, Book Of Secrets, Wanted Poster, The Moon, Welcome to Elfania, Jewels, Chalices, Treehouse, and Toadstool House, The wild symbol is the Treehouse, and the Scatter symbol is the Welcome to Elfania symbol.

The game begins with the storyline, as the player watches the elves try to tiptoe pass the Greedy Goblin. The game was created on the Slots3 platform, so it is great to see the clear graphics and animation. The background for the slot machine is the forest home with a Greedy Goblin watching over every spin of the reels. Buttons on the lower part of the reels are “Choose Coin,” “Bet Per Line,” “Spin,” “Max Bet,” “Double Up” and “Auto Play.”

Players will be able to see their balance, and the amount of lines they have selected to play, along with how much they have won. This slots accepts a max of 5 coins per line, and the minimum is $0.02 up to $0.50. There is a chance to win up to 120,000 credits and bonus features include the Cascading Coin Drops, Sticky Reels, Elvish Free Spins and the Greedy Jackpot. It is recommended to wager the max bet to increase your chances of triggering the jackpot.

Greedy Goblins Slots Bonus Features

There are various bonus features to play in Greedy Goblins:

  • The wild symbol in Greedy Goblins is the Treehouse, and players will be happy to know this is sticky symbol. When Treehouse wilds are on the reels, they will substitute for other symbols on the reels, except the scatters. The wilds in one position will turn the whole reel wild to increase wins in Greedy Goblins slots. Keep in mind that it is in your best interest to get sticky symbols because they will remain on the reels for at least three spins.
  • If you are fortunate enough to receive the Book of Secret symbols, you can enter one of bonus rounds in this slots game. Players are required to have two Book of Secret symbols to activate this feature when they appear on reels 2 and 4. During the game, the Goblins will sneak into the Elves home and start searching through cupboards for any money. It is important to search thoroughly, but be quick about it to find where the money is hidden. There are many different areas to click on and reveal a prize. After searching, players must click collect to have credits transferred to their balance.
  • The next bonus to watch out for is the Welcome to Elfania Bonus. This will allow players to receive free games with the help of the Welcome to Elfania symbol. There must be at least three symbols on the reels for the Welcome to Elfania Bonus to be activated. Three symbols equals 10 free games and a 2x multiplier. If you receive four symbols, this will be 15 free games and a 10x multiplier. However, the ultimate is getting five symbols which will result in 25 free games and a 50x multiplier.
  • There is also the Cascading Gold Coins feature. It requires two gold coins to appear, then the cascading reels feature will begin. Players will see symbols as they continuously drop from the reels to increase wins.

Wanna Play Greedy Goblins?

There is no better time to enjoy Greedy Goblins than right now. Enjoy multiple bonus features, high multipliers and plenty of free spins when you play Green Goblins Slots at Betsoft casinos.