Wildcano Slots

Wildcano Slots

If anyone is looking for a new game to try then they should play Wildcano Slots. Wildcano Slots was created by Red Rake Gaming, and it is indeed like no other slots game you have ever seen before. Players will see what an orbital reels slots in action looks like and wonder how there are not more slot games such as these. Wildcano can easily be the setting for an adventure game. This volcano themed slot depicts a lush tropical island where offerings are made to the volcano. Players may enjoy Wildcano Slot using desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

Wildcano Game Facts

When this slots game loads up, players will see the design of Wildcano. At the center of the reels is the hot red volcano, and players will be looking down from the top into the center of it. Around the volcano is the reels, and the reels are arranged as three circular platforms. Beyond the volcano is a dense tropical forest with temples and structures built around the base of the volcano. This is an island, and the beauty of the volcano is evident. Around the sides, and just below the reels are the buttons for gameplay in this Red Rake Gaming slots. You will see “Balance,” “Total Bet,” and “Paytable” in the lower left of the reels, and “Win,” “Spin,” and “Autospin” in the lower right of the reels. The spin button is designed with red glowing eyes. This is a circular slots game, and this means players will see orbital reels as they spin. The orbital reels have the symbols laid out around the surface of the volcano and all of them surround the mouth of the volcano. There are 6 reels and 8 paylines to wager on and watch for wins. The lines are arranged in two horizontal paylines, two vertical paylines, and four paylines which rung diagonally. Wildcano slots is indeed a wild game. This is because it starts with 80 coins as its minimum wager on the lines, and goes up to 200,000 coins as the maximum wager. This is a game that high rollers will enjoy, and it is also suited to lower budgets. Symbols on the reels include diamond, bananas, black panther, idol, mangos, 7s, pineapple and four ancient markings in light blue, blue, purple and green colors. Other symbols include WILD and the idol which is the Bonus symbol in Wildcano Slots. The black panther is the wild symbol during base gameplay.

Wildcano Paytable

Wildcano Slots is like no other slots game in design, but also in payouts. This is a slots which has the potential for some of the biggest wins for players. The payouts are achieved by symbol combinations on the paylines. It is possible to receive special payouts for six matching symbols or six in a row, and up to four combinations of symbols can do so. Payouts begin at three of a kind in Wildcano. When the max wager is placed, the lower paying symbols are the four ancient markings which will reward from 1,000,000 coins to 2,000,000 coins. The fruit symbols are the medium pays in Wildcano. Six of each fruit symbol at max wager will give a reward of 3,000,000 coins to 4,000,000 coins. The higher pays are the 7, diamond and Panther wild symbols. Six of the red 7s will award 9,000,000 coins. However, six of a kind of the diamond is 12,000,000, but the top fixed jackpot in Wildcano is 20,000,000 when there are six panthers on the reels in a payline.

Bonus Features in Wildcano Slots

  • One of the bonus features in Wildcano online slots is the Pyroclast Feature. Slots players will see the center volcano spew pyroclasts or pieces of hot rock, ash and other debris which will land on the reels. When the pyroclasts land on the reels, they will change the symbols WILD wherever they land. This will happen randomly in this orbital reel slots game.
  • The Earthquake Feature is a cool feature to have in this slots game. Players must first receive a spin where there is not a win. This feature is activated randomly, and from one reel up to three reels will shake as if in an earthquake, and then the reels will re-spin to move them one more time and potentially cause a win The reels can move clockwise or counterclockwise during these re-spins.
  • The Magma Feature starts with smoke coming from the volcano. The volcano will erupt and send molten lava on two of the reels to burn off the symbols from of two random reels. These reels will be filled with new symbols for a greater chance of winnings.
  • The Sacrifice Feature is also a great one in Wildcano Slots. This is a second chance for players to try to win again. It is a feature which can be triggered after a non-winning spin. The symbols on two of the reels are sacrificed and will slide into the volcano. These reels are then filled again with new symbols.
  • The Bonus is triggered by three bonus symbols on the reels while playing Wildcano slots. Three of these symbols will trigger the Free Spins Bonus. This will also result in the volcano in the game spouting out more bonus symbols to land on the reels and increase more free spins to receive more winnings.

Enjoy Wildcano Slots Now

There is nothing left to be said then to try Wildcano Slots for yourself. There is a huge jackpot available for 20,000,000 coins, and a slots game such as this comes around once in a lifetime.