Shark School Video Slot

Shark School Video Slots is a 5x4 reel game that was recently released. This game combines all of the fun and stereotypes of high school with the beautiful design of an underwater world. One of the philosophies behind the game is that sooner or later the bigger fish will eat the smaller fish. When you play Shark School Video Slot, you are the small Clown Fish who is trying to not get eaten by the Sharks.

Facts for Shark School Video Slots Game

Shark School Slots game is new game by Real Time Gaming (RTG) with a underwater or marine theme. This video slot also has a school or education theme combined into it. Players will enjoy this five reel game with its 50 pay-lines. The minimum wager is $0.01. The highest payout for Shark School Video Slot is 39000x per each wager per line.

The story line behind Shark School involves the nerdy Clown Fish symbol who must stay alive in the company of sharks who are the big athletes in the school. The symbols for this game involve different sharks such as Hammerhead or Nurse sharks. Another symbol is the Octopus Teacher which is the wild symbol and can substitute other symbols on the reels to win. The School symbol is the scatter for the game. Three or more School symbols will trigger the three bonus features described below in Shark School Video Slots.

Shark School Slots Bonus Features

As a player, you will enjoy the difference bonus features and cash prizes. There are three bonus features to be aware of:

  • The first bonus feature is called "Swim Fishy, Swim!" This bonus feature is based on the small Clown Fish being chased by one of the Sharks. At the start of the bonus game, the small fish is ahead of the shark by three positions. However, when a spin occurs, the Shark symbol on Reel 3 brings the shark a step closer at a time. If the Clown Fish symbol lands on Reel 3, then the distance is increased by one space. This is done to a maximum of five spaces. This feature will be played using free game spins until after 25 spins or completed and the small fish is eaten or it escapes. The major win is achieved when the small Clown Fish escapes. A multiplier of 200x is then awarded. There is also a 3x multiplier rewarded if the small Clown Fish does not escape and is not eaten.
  • The second bonus feature is called "Bad Sharky!" When this is triggered and gives 3 to 10 free spins. However, the school of Sharks symbol must be on reel 3. During this game, the shark will eat any fish on the reels. The fish eaten is substituted for a Shark symbol.
  • The last bonus feature is "Don't Eat the Teacher!" During this game, the multiplier added is 2x. The Shark appears on the fifth reel, and the Shark will eat any Teacher symbol that is in the same row on the first reel. If the Teacher is not eaten, then the free spins continue and a 1x multiplier is added. This part of the bonus game will continue until 25 spins are played or the Teacher is eaten. If the Teacher is still alive after completing 25 spins, then a 100x multiplier is added to the wager.

Therefore, Shark School video slots will give you hours of fun. You can enjoy it when you play or download Shark School video slot. The three bonus features, and the sharks are waiting for you.