Transformer Slots: Battle for Cybertron

Anyone who was born before the 1990s will remember the Transformers. Now a slots game has been released to combine the world of the these machines with the fun of slot wins. This slots game is called Transformer Slots: Battle for Cybertron.

Transformers Slots Game Explanation

Transformers Slots game is one of the best there is around. It is has all of the qualities of the original Marvel comics, but with combination of slots to win money. This slots game was created by IGT. This is a slots game that has five reels and around 40 paylines to win on. Overall, the game play is a lot of fun and there is graphics and audio from the original transformers cartoons.

This slots game is available for mobile casinos and players can win 5 free spins with a 15x multiplier. There is also the option of 15 free spins with 2x multiplier. This slots game can give steady wins over time. A few players speak of getting a win that is 200x the amount of the wager. This can sometimes randomly be as much as 4000x the wager amount. So Transformers Slots can be unpredictable in terms of wins. The minimum wager can be as low as $0.60. The symbols of the game show familiar Transformer characters such as the Decepticons and the Autobots.

Transformers Slots Bonus Games

Transformers Slots: Battle for Cybertron is around five to six bonus games to play and enjoy.
  • The first bonus feature is called the FreeFall Symbols feature. Slots players will be able to see the symbols fall off the reels. These symbols are replaced by other symbols and this can result in more wins or free spins. All of the symbols in the winning reel will disappear. This feature will continue to have free falling symbols that are replaced until no more wins are achieved.
  • The second feature is the Optimus Prime feature. This is when the Optimus Prime symbols on the reels will go and destroy any Deception symbols wherever they are. The symbols that will be attacked include the Megatron, Shockwave or Logo symbols for the Deceptions.
  • A third bonus feature occurs when the Megatrons attack the Autobots. The Autobot symbols that are destroyed include Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and the Logo.
  • Another bonus fourth feature you will see as a player of this slots game is the Grimlock bonus feature. During this bonus game, the symbols are randomly selected to be burned off the reels. The remaining symbols and the replacement can be viewed to see if a win is formed
  • The next fifth bonus feature is the Shockwave feature. This is similar to the Grimlock feature. However, instead of burning, a shockwave goes through the reels.
  • The sixth bonus game involves Ratchet. The Ratchet symbol will appear on the reels when two symbols are there, a third symbol will be turned into Ratchet to complete three symbols and the free spins feature.
  • What is also worth mentioning is the Free Spins Feature. This is triggered on reels 1, 3 and 5. Players will need three wild symbols to trigger the free spins. Another way to do so is to first trigger the Ratchet feature and then have it change the symbols on the reels to obtain free spins.

When you play Transformers - Battle for Cybertron Slots game is ideal for anyone who remembers and loved watching the Transformers. Not only is it a great trip down memory lane, it is a worthwhile slots game that has at least six bonus features to try your luck.