Good Girl Bad Girl Slots

Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots game is ideal for anyone wanting a bit of playful fun wrapped up in a slots game. This game was created by Betsoft and it is quite unique. Anyone who is new to slots game or those who are seasoned players will not have any difficulty understanding Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots. It is possible to see different symbols combine in winnings with frequency of payouts. You can enjoy Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots with instant play and mobile casinos.

Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots Game Facts

Betsoft has done something different in the creation of Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots. This game has five reels and 15 paylines to wager for wins. Good Girl, Bad Girl does have two variations of game play, and gives players a lot of choice on how they would like to be rewarded in this slots. The game play is based on choosing either the Good Girl symbol or the Bad Girl symbol. Watch out for double multipliers, wilds and other special symbols.

The gameplay behind the Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots involves a angle dressed in white and a devil dressed in red. These two characters will determine what type of gameplay you will choose. Players are given the opportunity to change the dial from between regular play to either “Good” or “Bad.” If a player does choose either side, they will have 15 paylines. However, if they choose to play both sides, then it can be as much as 30 paylines. This will include placing a double wager if playing on both sides of this slots machine. This is why Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots is considered to be two slot games in one.

When game play starts, the online slots machine begins with the Good Girl angel flying on the left and the Bad Girl devil flying on the right. The slot machine is split straight down the middle with a separate jackpot at the top of each side of the slot machine. At the bottom of the machine are buttons to choose the coin wagers, number of lines, the bet per line. Coin wagers range from $0.02 up to $0.50. Players can choose up to 5 coins per line. There are also options to Bet Max, Spin, double up and autoplay. Symbols include the Good Girl, Bad Girl, Money Wheel, White Cat, Black Cat, Full Moon, 2x and 4x wild symbols.

There is quite large jackpot wins when playing the Good Girl or Bad Girl side of the game. Keep in mind five wilds will result in 500 coins when playing the Good Girl side. However, this can be as much as 1000 coins when playing on the Bad Girl side of the reels. The highest jackpot in Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots is 1,170,000 coins.

Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots Bonus Features

  • Keep in mind players will enjoy multipliers in this game, and they are also special symbols located on the reels. For example, the Good Girl play can have more frequency of wins, and a 2x multiplier is added to winnings. However, the Bad Girl play will have less frequency, but there will be a multiplier of 4x attached to winnings on this side.
  • There is a Gamble Feature that has clear graphics and during this bonus feature, players will see the Good Girl and Bad Girl travel up to the heavens. Players will have to choose between the result of a coin toss to reveal either good or bad. If you are able to guess correctly, then your win is doubled. has great graphics and animation. During this feature the Angel and Devil will travel up to the heavens. As the slots player, you will have to choose whether a coin toss will show "Good" or "Bad." The right guess will double your win.
  • There is a Money Wheel bonus feature which is triggered by the scatter. The Money Wheel is the scatter and there must be three of them on the reels to activate the Money Wheel Bonus. Players must spin the Money Wheel and can be awarded up to 10 free spins or at least 550 coins.
  • Another bonus feature is called the Click Me Gift Box Bonus feature. This bonus feature is activated when the Halo appears next to the Pitchfork. You will be presented with different gift boxes, and prizes will be revealed for you to collect. Players are only able to choose four gifts before the bonus feature ends.

Play Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots Now

This is your special invitation to play Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots at Betsoft casinos . This gives you a chance to try out your good side for a while, then switch to your bad side. You can even take a risk and play both good and bad sides at the same time for a double jackpot win.