Winter Gold Video Slot

The new Winter Gold video slot from Microgaming is something fresh and exciting. As the name implies, this is a game that's themed on the Winter Olympics, and it's so much more than just another video slot. What we love about Winter Gold is that it reminds you firmly that casino gambling is supposed to be about the fun, not the money. This isn't to say you can't win serious cash playing it, but that the actual playing experience is superbly entertaining. Mixed in with all of the standard action, Winter Gold Slots has a multitude of bonus features that keep you engrossed. We're not just talking free spins (which it has), but the fact that you get to actively participate in four different winter sports events! Try this game free today at your favorite online casino - it's a breath of fresh winter air.

Training for Winter

Winter Gold Video Slots has a lot of feature density, but still delivers a game that's easy to play - don't be daunted by it, you'll pick it up in no time. This is because at its core, it's still a multi-line slot. You're looking at a 5 reel game that supports a total of 15 pay lines that you can bet on. The game supports bets of bets of between 1c and $3, making it extremely accessible to a wide range of players. Each line that you activate costs an additional bet, but adds an extra chance to win every time you spin the reels.

Scenes from the Slopes

Winter Gold Slots has a very action oriented look. The pay table starts off with the standard casino playing cards, but quickly gets sporty. You'll be looking at slick symbols depicting the various sporting events you can partake in. On the lower end you'll find events like Biathlon, moving up to Ski Jumping, then Speed Skating, and finally Bobsleigh. The top earning symbol in the game is the Winter Gold logo, which is also Wild - it can substitute for any other game symbol to either create a win or make one bigger.

Winter Bonuses

By far the most attractive features of this game are the bonus rounds. They're triggered when you hit a combo of 3 or more Gold Medal scatter symbols. When this happens, you are presented with a Spinner that determines what bonus you'll get. You could win a pile of coins that are a multiple of your bet. You could also win a number of free spins. But the most fun bonuses are the sporting events. Here you get to partake in one of the four featured winter sports events. You get to pilot a bobsleigh, and make attempts at impossibly high ski jumps, skate as fast as possible, and shoot targets. How well you do determines your cash payout.