Farming Futures Slots

Farming Futures is one of the weirdest video slot games we've played in ages - weird in a good way! It's quite likely that you've never played a video slot like this in your life - and it's totally addictive.

Farming Futures features not three, not five, at seven reels! That's insane! And while you might think that the two extra reels makes this game harder to play, you'd be absolutely wrong: Farming Futures is one of the easiest games to win at LibertySlots Casino.

Don't believe us? Try it today for free - simply download casino software, or play the game on their website without installing anything on your computer.

Finding Your Way Around the Farmyard

Despite the extra reels, you will have this game under control in no time. Don't be fooled by its size - Farming Futures works just the way any conventional video slot game does.

Assuming you're new to this genre of games, you looking at seven reels full of symbols - in this case, mostly animals. Place a bet of between one cent and $10, and give the reels a spin.

When they come to rest, if three or more matching symbols line up on the pay line, you win. To give yourself some extra chances, you can selectively add up to 8 additional pay lines (9 in total). Each one costs an extra bet, but it also gives you an extra chance to win on each spin.

And On That Farm He Had Some ...

The straw hat wearing farmer who is in charge of the farm has five different types of animals that he breeds - all of which are worth differing amounts of coin. On the low end of the pay table is the Pig, worth between 2 and 50 times your bet, depending on how many of him show up.

The next most valuable is the Sheep, which pays out up to 75 times your bet, followed by the Cow, worth 100. After them, the serious money begins.

The Duck, for instance, is worth 500; the Horse 500. And the farmer himself is the game's top prize at 2,500 coins.

The Most Productive Farming Experience

You might think that a $25,000 top prize isn't worth going after, but you'd be mistaken. You see, this game doesn't judge purely left to right as most games do - wins are considered wins even if they're in the middle of a line.

So while the top end jackpots aren't as high as they are in other games, this is well offset by the fact that you are far more likely to trigger a lower order win more often.