Firehawk Slots

Pitch your tepee and light up that peace pipe as you prepare to play Fire Hawk slots, a new and beautifully crafted slot game to hit the casinos. Fire Hawk is a Native American themed slot game with 5 reels and 25 play lines, not to mention the opportunity to ride of into the sunset with $600,000 jackpot! Fire Hawk slots is a brand new slot game with visually stunning and clear graphics that fits perfectly with the Native American theme.

Catching the Dream!

Knowing how to spin the yarn to create a dream catcher is essential, just knowing how to play Fire Hawk will help you win the jackpot. Fire Hawk is a 25 play line slot game and therefore the minimum amount of coins that can be bet is 2, with the maximum being 25 coins. The denomination of coins ranges from $0.01 to $10; this means that the highest bet per spin can be up to £250! This range of betting allowance makes Fire Hawk an ideal slot game for high rollers and penny slot players. Study the pay table before placing any bets as this will highlight which symbols will payout the higher coins. With any video slot game it is important to remember to only bet what you can afford to lose; this is perhaps best achieved by setting a threshold before betting your first coin. Another important tip to note is to leave a slot game when the slots a playing cold, walk away when you are on losing streak, but bet high when you are winning.

Knowing your tribe

There were many tribes of Native Americans whose traditions and cultures varied from tribe to tribe. In order to ride of with high jackpot of $600,000 you will need to know what the symbols in the game are. The symbols that are featured in Fire Hawk slots include; Indian Chief, Indian woman, drums and a dream catcher. Other symbols that feature in the slot game include all high rolling playing cards. Fire Hawk slots features wild and scatter symbols which will either substitute for other symbols to form a winning combination line or activate the free spin feature. All winnings from the free spins are then added to the overall total, adding to that impressive jackpot.

Riding bareback

Fire Hawk slots is a new slot game, but is sure to be a very popular 5 reel game that will be available to download and play in LibertySlots Casino.