Triple Flamin 7's Slots

Flamin' 7s is a pretty unusual 3-reel slot. You may have played 3-reelers before, but not like this one. What makes this game so popular is that it incorporates some of the best features of modern five reel video slots while still maintaining the simplicity and ease of access the traditional three reel slot. It's the best of both worlds, in other words, but it still has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Plus, it has a healthy top jackpot prize of $40,000 - more than enough to get most people's attention.

Take the Flamin' 7s for a spin today - just visit and download Liberty Slots free casino software. Or, if you'd rather not install anything on your computer, you can play the game right there on their website.

How to Start an Inferno

Despite the fact that this is an unconventional video slot, it's still pretty easy to play, and delightfully easy to win at.

The game has three reels, all covered with images of different kinds of 7. Place a bet worth anything between 10c and $20, and give the reels as spin. If any symbols line up when the reels come to rest, you've won a prize.

A great feature about this game as opposed to every other game in its class is that it really doesn't matter what symbols line up: they don't have to be matching. Any three symbols landing on the line equals cash. See why we like this game?

All 7s, All the Time

The games graphic design is extremely unconventional - every single symbol on the board is a 7. The only major variation between them is their color.

On the plus side, any combination of 7s at all triggers a win. However, you win extra if the 7s that line up have a matching colour. The available colours are, in order of cash value, white, blue, yellow, and red. After that, there's Chilli 7, and the Flamin' 7s logo.

The Flamin' 7s logo is not only the highest winning symbol in the game, but it's also a Wild symbol. If it features as part of a winning combination, it doubles the value. Even better, if there are two of it on the line, you win nine times the value of the third symbol!

More Than Double The Prize Money

Although this game doesn't have a specific bonus round, there are still a strategy you can employ to get more cash out of it. Simply play with two coins on every spin.

In most cases, this will simply double the wins that you make, but if you happen to hit the top combination, your winnings will be almost tripled. If you're worried about running out of cash to quickly this way, you can simply adjust your coin size down and still gain the benefit of playing double coin.