Hot 7’s Slots

Most people know that 7 is considered to be a number of luck...this is true both is the world of gambling and out. Now you can play Hot 7's Slots and make 7 a lucky number for you too. Hot 7’s Slots is a classic slot game that offers three reels and only one pay line but it has a huge jackpot! This is a silver dollar slot so play as little as fifty cents up to $2.50 as a max bet and because it is a classic look for those classic symbols such as Cherries...Bells...of course the varied colors of 7's...and Stars. Hot 7's is a simple game of luck and is very easy to play. is the the max and get three Hot 7's and the jackpot...which is accumulated is all yours! Every time that someone bets...2% goes into the progressive jackpot. You can win it by placing a max wager and spinning red 777. When you do this the jackpot of 1,777 coins is yours for keeps.

An Introduction to Hot 7's

Hot 7's Slots is a new CTXM iGaming slot game that just made its debut in early 2010. It is considered to be a progressive classic. There are fifty winning combinations! There is no Wild or Scatter used in this game...there is also no auto play...and no gamble feature. You will never even notice that these features were not added because you will be on the edge of your seat in anticipation without them.

A Little Bonus for you

There is a bonus feature in Hot 7's slots and what you want to get to get this started in three 7's anywhere...regardless of the just want three. Once you are in the Bonus Game you will have a chance to spin a wheel...basically the number that you spin dictates how many times your wager will be multiplied by.

What is it about 7's?

You will not want to stop playing Hot 7's Slots because it is just that gratifying to play! Don't be surprised at how much this game is loved considering that there are no wilds and such...there is just something about 7's that intrigue folks...maybe because it is considered to be a number of fortune! 7 is a Biblical is a number that has been used throughout history...recall 7 planets...7 seas...7 is the winner is craps...the list goes on why people just love 7!

Is there a Hot 7 in your future?