Grand Circus Slots

The Grand Circus Slots
Everyone is up for a day at the circus…how fun! Grand Circus slots are just the way to indulge in a day at the circus without ever leaving your house. Grand Circus slots offer five reels and 20 pay lines…they are also very authentic…to say the least. You can wager up to ten coins per line for a max bet of 200 coins…be prepared for some 41 winning combinations. This means that you will win frequently.

Nothing is Wild!

There is no Wild used in the Grand Circus slots but there are a few Scatters to replace the Wild symbols. The Grand Circus, Ring Master, and the Circus will be your Scatter symbols. There are two Bonus games…one on the reels and the other on the second screen. The top jackpot is 1,000 coins and the next highest jackpot is 500 coins.

Freebies at the Circus!

Any Scatters on the third, fourth, or fifth reels will win you either free games or up to 20 free spins. During the free spins the payout increases with a high jackpot of up to as many as 50,000 coins.

I saw it all!

What kind of symbols would you expect to see at a day at the Grand Circus…how about the Ring Master, the Elephant, a Bear on Bike, a Lion, a Donkey, a Clown Car, Refreshments, a Cage, the Clown in Canon, and of course the Juggler!

Pick a bear…any bear!

Get a minimum of three Circus Scatter Symbols and you will trigger one of two things… a free spin bonus or the pick a bear bonus game. If the pick a bear bonus game is activated then off to another screen for you and you will be asked to choose three of the six tight rope walking bears who will…of course reveal what you have won!

Things I would change about the Grand Circus

The audio might make you want to poke out your eyes…it is horrible and the slot game is kind of difficult to keep track of.

Thins I liked about the Grand Circus

Grand Circus slots have great betting options…like betting on up to twenty different pay lines on any given spin…this really increases your odds of winning. The broad wagering amounts make Grand Circus slots affordable for even the most meager better but are also attractive to the big shooters too.