Harbour Master Slots

If you like boats, sailing ships and video slots, there's a game at LibertySlots Casino that has been built just for you. It's called Harbour Master, and it's an easy to play game based on the classic one armed bandits of old.

The theme is nautical, with all the background imagery and reel symbols representing aspects of controlling a harbour, well supported by an oceanic soundtrack. In fact, it's so well done that you will almost be able to taste the salt in the air as you play. And it has a $15,000 jackpot.

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Learning the Ropes

As with sailing a ship, playing Harbour Master effectively is something that is best learned by doing. Grab a couple of casino credits and start playing - you'll pick it up in no time.

For genuine first timers, however, here's an explanation of how it works. Each of the three reels you see in the game's interface is covered with symbols. Notice also that there is a centre line spanning all three reels.

The aim of the game is to spin the reels and try to get matching symbols line up with each other on the centre line (pay line) when they come to rest. Different symbols have different values, and if you win you will be paid out a multiple of whatever your initial wager was. The higher you bet, therefore, the more you stand to win.

Sails to the Wind

In keeping with the game's classic feel, the set of winning symbol is actually quite small. The lowest order win is a Pocket Watch, which pays out if there's even one of it on the pay line.

This is followed by the Yacht, the Binoculars, and the Boat. The game's top jackpot symbol is a compass, and if you are playing the game on maximum bet, it pays out $15,000 when you hit three of it.

Bonus Shipping News

Harbour Master was designed to be a simple game, probably best suited to first-time slots players, and as such it does not contain any special features or bonus rounds. You can, however, still get the most out of the by playing it on maximum coin.

If you play with five coins, the top jackpot prize swells by 7.5 times compared to playing it with one coin - that's a big difference! And you can access this benefit without destroying your bankroll by simply adjusting your coin size to suit your playing style.