Increase in Mobile Casino Wagers Expected by 2024

With the way in which technology is moving it is no surprise that it is predicted that the mobile casino wagers will increase to a whopping $82 million by the year 2024. This is new information released after a report was published. It is expected that the new laws on the table for online gaming will fuel the drive towards mobile casinos by the year 2024.

The Research Data

The research data was released by Juniper Research. This firm analyzed data from information supplied from casinos in Delaware and Nevada. Information was also gathered from the casino market in New Jersey. Based on this information, the research firm looked at what would happen if the USA would to make mobile gaming legal. There is no federal law governing this at the moment, and if the three states above make mobile casinos legal, then it is predicted other states will follow.

Why Mobile Casinos

Mobile casino owners have seen a steady increase in the amount of players over the years. This has partly been due to the use of smartphones. It can also be attributed to the relaxing of banking laws for online gaming. As the technology for mobile gaming increases, this will see even more people come to use it, and could see the predicted amount of $62 million in mobile casino wagers by the year 2024 as predicted.