4th and Goal Slots

4th and Goal Slots is a 3D video slot game based on the fun theme of football. This is a slots game about the joys and heartaches of American football. The game was created featuring the blue and black teams with a pretty cheerleader to cheer them on. You can play 4th and Goal slots at a casino which offers a download, instant flash or mobile version.

4th and Goal Slots Facts

4th and Goal Slots fits into the sports themed slot games. There are five reels, arranged in 3 rows, and 15 paylines to win on. This slots game is not difficult to understand or play, and the “Info” button below the reels gives a lot of valuable information about payouts and bonus features. There are other buttons such as the Double Up, Autoplay and of course, Spin. The coin wagers can be selected from $0.02 up to $9 this makes it a slot game with a max wager of $135 per spin of the reels when all paylines are used.

This is a colorful and animated slots game. The background represents a football stadium, and the crowd can be heard cheering in the back. Symbols on the reels involve the main characters. There is Jerome, Page, Sticky, Coach Walsh, Colt, Willie, Terminator, and the playing cards from Ace to 10. Jerome, Colt and Sticky are on the blue team, and Willie and Terminator are on the black team. Page is the Cheerleader for the blue team. Special symbols include Jerome as the Wild, Page is also the scatter symbol, and Colt is the bonus symbol in 4th and Goal slots. The top win happens with five Coach Walsh symbols all show up on the reels at the same time to give 1000x the amount wagered.

4th and Goal Slots Bonus Features

4th and Goal Slots has the following bonus features to keep all players entertained for hours:
  • The first bonus feature is triggered by the scatter symbol, Paige the Cheerleader. As the scatter symbol, Paige will activate the free spins feature to award free spins to slot players. There must be at least 3 or more Paige Cheerleader symbols for this to happen, and players will receive additional free spins based on the amount of scatters on the reels at the same time. Three scatters will give 10 free spins. However, 4 or 5 scatters will result in 15 or 20 free spins, respectively. As the scatter, this symbol can show up on all the reels.
  • The bonus symbol is important in 4th and Goal Slots game. The player Colt is the bonus symbol, and when he shows up, he will activate the bonus game. There has to be 3 Colt symbols on the reels for the 4th and Goal Bonus game to start. The bonus symbol can only be found on the first, third and fifth reels. This will begin the bonus game.
  • The bonus game for 4th and Goal is a little detailed, but not difficult to understand The bonus round begins with slot players seeing a scoreboard and being asked to chose a play for the bonus round to continue. Slot players are presented with 4 plays they must choose from and are shown the game diagrams for each play. They must select from Run 1, Run 2, Pass 1 or Pass 2. It will also be possible to see the level of volatility of each play by looking at the meter located to the left of each play. More volatile plays are harder to execute.
  • After making a choice, the play is run, and either the defense will stop the play, or a touchdown will be scored. If the player is stopped by the defense of the other team, then the prize attached to the play chosen is awarded. However, when a touchdown is scored, then the player is moved to the next level to choose another play.
  • The play options are Extra Point, Pass 1, Pass 2, Run 1. Again, the player can view the level of volatility they are considering before making a selection. If the slots player chooses the Extra Point, they can either kick or miss the point during the animation. If the player kicks and makes it, a prize is awarded. However, if the kick is missed, then no further prize is given.
  • Selecting Pass 1, Pass 2 and Run 1 during the next level of the bonus game will result in the play being carried out, and a touchdown can either be scored or you can be blocked by the defense. If a touchdown is scored, an extra prize is given. However, if blocked, then no further prize is given during this second level. The game then returns to base gameplay.
  • 4th and Goal Slots also has a Double Up feature, which is known as a Gamble feature in other slot games. Players will see a two sided coin with a picture of Page on one side and Sticky on the other. The Double Up feature is only available after a winning spin, and players can choose to wager either 50% or all of the previous winnings for the last spin. Just make a selection between Page and Sticky and see if you are correct. This can add double the amount won if you are. However, you can also lose winnings if you have guessed incorrectly.

Play 4th and Goal Slots Now

4th and Goal is a slots game which should not be overlooked. It is ideal for those who enjoy football, or anyone looking for something different to play. With free spins and an exciting bonus game, it is not possible to be bored when you play 4th and Goal Slots at a participating casino.