Cubee The Travel Adventure Slots

Cubee The Travel Adventure Slots is like no slots game you have seen before. Some players have called it “unusual, strange or peculiar.” This is definitely a game with a different style of gameplay. However, it is not difficult to understand. This is a time travel game and players will get a chance to travel through an Era collecting wins and bonus features. Within each Era, Cubee will have a strength level that can go up to help defeat bigger monsters and receive higher pays. This is the gist of this latest game from Realtime Gaming, and gameplay is different than the RTG style of games that players are familiar with from this developer. You can enjoy game play Cubee Slots using desktop and mobile devices.

How To Play

The game begins in the Stone Age with the time warp in the center Cubee is there with is a permanent smile and the mean looking Rocco is dressed as a caveman. He has a club which he will swing at Rocco while during gameplay. The blue time warp is there and the buttons which control the game is below all of this. During the Stone Age, the game takes place inside a cave. However, when gameplay progresses to the Era of Piracy, this takes place on the shore. Rocco is now dressed as a pirate, and the other symbols will also become pirates. The Viking Age will Viking ships in the distance with Rocco wearing a Viking hat. Gameplay occurs on the dock in front of the Viking ships. The fourth journey is to Cubeeland. CubeeLand is a lush green place with cubed flowers, leaves, and rocks. Rocco is no longer around and this is where the free spins will be played with the multipliers added to them. Players can look forward to Big Wins, Mega Wins, and Huge Wins. At the end of the feature, the winnings are collected and added to the total Win. The game will then go back to the first level which is the Stone Age.

There is the information section which provides more about the rules and payable. Below Cubee is the meter to show how much strength he has. The meter will light up when he eats. Next to this is the Section to choose the number of coins to wager on the game. The Spin button us round and located in the lower center of the reels. There is the Autopsic next to it and this allows up to 100 spins before a feature begins. Players are able to change the Bet amount using the plus and minus signs in the lower right of the screen. This is where a slots player will select the coin denominations to wager in the game.

Game Symbols

This online slots does not really have pay lines in the traditional sense. The game is a made of three reels with the symbols arranged in a circular pattern. Players are able to wager from 0.10 to 50 with each spin. The game will allow you to remember each bet amount and continue gameplay from the last time it was played. The symbols in the game include monsters such as Bones, Casper, Lucifer, and Spike. These are the symbols that Cubee will gobble as the enemies. There is also the blue Energy Ball symbol to eat.

Enemies and Strength Levels

Keep in mind that it is all about the levels and strength inside this game. Cubee is only able to defeat and gobble up the enemy who is equivalent to or at a lower strength level than Cubee is. The colorful meter below him shows the level of strength that he is at. There are four levels, and at the first strength level, he is able to defeat the green monster Casper. At the second level, he can defeat the yellow Spike monster. This continues with the third level being able to defeat Lucifer, and at the highest energy level, Cubee can defeat the red monster Bones. The game will give a payout only for those monster enemies which are at a lower or equivalent strength level.

There is a health meter for Rocco which is located below him and resembles a colorful cylinder. The ax, club, and knife symbols are used to defeat Rocco when they appear on the screen. Each hit will decrease Rocco’s health in the meter until there is nothing left, and he collapses. The game then goes to the next Era.

Energy Balls

At the beginning of each spin, the game defaults down to the green strength level. Players will see that the special symbol is the blue energy ball. When it shows up, it will give Cubee power for the next level during that era. Every energy ball will also be counted as a defeated enemy for game payouts. For example, at strength level 1 is the green monster and he can be defeated without the combination of an energy ball. However, at strength level 4 is the red monster and it will take Cubee and four energy balls to defeat him during gameplay. You will be able to watch the glowing blue energy balls give more strength throughout the game.

Time Travel Eras

The main characteristic of this game is the time travel. The first era for players is the Stone Age. This is only to begin gameplay. The next era is known as the Era of Piracy and Rocco will change his outfit. During the Era of Piracy, players will see that gameplay begins to award free spins. This is using the cannon symbol which will give the equivalent of one spin for each cannon that shows up on the screen. The third era is the Viking Age, and it will give the opportunity to provide multipliers. You will only have to see the Bow and Arrow show up for this to increase the amount of the multipliers. Therefore, any cannon on the reels will reward an additional free spin. The bow and arrow will give a +1x multiplier. After this era, Cubee will return to CubeeLand with all of his free spins and multipliers collected during the other eras and this becomes the Free Spins round with attached multipliers. Even though Rocco is not there during the Free Spins, the other monster enemies will appear on the screen for a chance at higher payouts with the multiplier. Players will not be able to move to another era until Rocco has been defeated in the previous era.

How It Pays

The payouts for this game are straightforward. It consists of a combination of symbols paying a certain amount. From 3 will pay 0.5 coins, whereas four of these symbols will give 1 coin. This rises to 5 coins for six symbols and 15 coins for seven symbols. The game pays 40 coins for up to eight symbols in base game play. This is for any combination of the four monsters and the Energy Ball. The highest coin win is possibly up to 50,000 coins.

Try Cubee and Travel

Now that you know a bit more about this different style of gameplay, you can now see what it is all about for yourself in this time travel slots. Players can try Cubee The Travel Adventure Slots at a selected RTG online casino.