Striker Fortune Slots

Striker Fortune Slots is one of a kind. This is a slots game that was released by WagerLogic which is also known as Cryptologic. This slots game has a striking design and not just in terms of the gameplay. It is set up as an arcade game and players can watch the ball passed from player to player. This is a sports slots or a football slot. Football or soccer is one of the most played games in the world, and it draws people together from all over the world, especially during the World Cup series.

The Game Design

The slots game takes has the stadium as the location for game play. There is the crowd that can be heard in the background and they have packed out the seats. There are flags of all of the countries participating on the players are already on the pitch. There is a net on both the left and right side of the reels for gameplay. Below this is the control center. This include buttons to adjust for gameplay. Slot players will see "Autoplay" and the "Balance" amount. They can also change the "Game Speed" or the "Bet" amount. Other items include the "Paid" and "Total Bet" amounts with the Play button to start the game.

The football players look like round soccer balls wearing team colors. They also look like bobblehead dolls. This just makes more interesting gameplay. There are also five reels, and not the standard paylines, but instead, 99 ways to win in Striker Fortune Slots. The total wagers start at $0.25 and rise to $100 as the max wager. There is only one coin accepted. The only symbols in this game are the football players and the trophy symbols. The trophy is a bonus symbol. The symbols represent two teams, the slot player's team, and the opposing team.

Gameplay will show the football being passed from player to player on the same team. The teammates must be just one symbol away from each other for the ball to be passed This can happen in a horizontal or a vertical motion. The player closes to the nets will try for the goal. The ball will be passed from left to right for the slot player's team and from right to left for the opposing team. It is not possible for the ball to be passed through a trophy symbol during Striker Fortune. The game will total the number of goals into the net and the difference will determine your winning amounts.

Payouts in Striker Fortune Slots

With such a unique game, it will be easy to guess it also has unique payouts. The payouts are based on final game score. If the player's team wins by 1 point then the payout odds is 1:1. However, this changes if the game is won by 2 points and 3 points, then the odds are 2:1 and 4:1 respectively. This rises considerably with wins about 5, with odds of 20:1. If you are able to win by 6 or 7 points, this is rewarded with 60:1 and 200:1 odds. The highest odds are 500:1 when you win by 8 points. A draw will also reward the same odds. Keep in mind that if the opposing team wins, then you will not receive a payout for that play.

Striker Fortune Bonus Game

There is a bonus game in Striker Fortune that is activated when three or more of the Trophy symbols appear on the reels. This will start the Training Ground Feature. During this time, the slot player's team will enter the training session. This is a fun bonus feature. The screen will change to show only your team and none of the opposing team members. The team will try to make goals into the nets to receive a prize. This bonus game will also reward winnings with an additional multiplier of 1x to 3x at the end. Just train and score those goals to complete the bonus game.

Try It For Yourself

As you can see this sports theme slot is a slots game with unique gameplay that is not to be found in your usual slots game. You can try Striker Fortune and see if you can hit the highest number of goals for the best odds.