The Punisher Slots

If you're sick and tired of boring generic slots, it's time for payback. The Punisher is here and vengeance will be swift and absolute. The best revenge is served on a 5 reel, 9 payline progressive jackpot Marvel comic based slot. Gather all your weapons and equipment and get ready to fight evil, vigilante style. Join Captain Frank Castle as he puts all his military training to use to avenge the deaths of his family. The graphics on the slots and bonus rounds are unlike most games you have seen before. With full sound effects and animated symbols you immediately know that you've won as your screen comes alive. While the paylines, symbol values and rules are easy to understand, they're varied enough to remain interesting and exciting for hours on end. Download and play The Punisher Slots

Rewards And Battle Plan

The true heroes can receive any or all of three ever-increasing progressive jackpots. The Hero, Super Hero and Marvel jackpots are all up for grabs to the most hardcore vigilantes. The Punisher takes risks everyday and rewards others who live on the edge, so the more you bet, the better your chances of winning a jackpot. You can bet as little as .05 cents or as much as $5 per payline giving you the ability to adjust your strategy. Be sure to review the rules, paylines and payout structures before beginning your mission. Prepare yourself by learning about your arsenal, several pairs of symbols will work together. For instance, three or more of either the ammo or vest symbols in any combination will win cash.

Badges Of Honor

Twelve symbols will provide you with the necessary tools to accomplish your mission. Some of these helpful items include grenades, vehicles and even a hired gun. The most important symbol of all is of course The Punisher. With his shotgun loaded his appearance anywhere on reel 1 and 5 five will procure 10 free plays. Winning these increases your training and power meaning every amount won during your free plays is doubled. The Punisher symbol is as wild as the man he represents and will substitute for all other symbols except for the scatter symbol. The scatter or logo symbol is the next most valuable item to acquire for your mission. This burning skull will give you a chance at the ultimate pay back and unlock the bonus round.

Bonus Payback

The bonus round is what The Punisher lives for and the ultimate way to fatten your pockets while exacting revenge. Three scatter symbols in a row left to right takes you to a warehouse where your enemies are hiding. Look down the scope of your rifle and shoot out the windows to reveal the villains, once you bust them, take all their money and prizes for yourself. These thugs maybe beyond the reach of the law, but they're not out of reach of Captain Frank Castle. You can expect to recover up to 200 times your original bet from these criminals. You will only have five shots per round so choose your targets wisely and aim carefully to make each shot count.

Where to Start Your Mission

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