Princess Jewels Slots

Princess Jewels is, quite simply, a visually lush slot. We think it's safe to say that it was designed with female players in mind, because the theme is a fantasy land where a beautiful princess lives and counts her pretty stones. Everything is sparkly and neat, and if you grew up putting tiaras on Barbies, this a game for you. It's a glittering smorgasbord of gorgeous gemstones, but underneath the visual splendour is quite an engrossing video slot, and it's a fair earner too. In fact, once you realise that the top jackpot is worth in the region of $100,000, even the most manly man might find themselves willing to look past the cute exterior. Explore the jewel-encrusted world of Princess Jewels today at Liberty Slots Casinodownload the software for free, or play on their website in your browser on PCs, Macs or Linux Netbooks.

The Plan to Acquire Jewels

Despite the fact that the game supports many special features and includes a bonus round, it's surprisingly easy to play. In fact, even if you've never played a video slot in your life before, you should able to pick up the gist of Princess Jewels in just a few turns. The game features five reels, each covered in a random selection of jewels. Just as in the real world, the jewels all have different values. You place a wager, spin the reels, and tried to get at least three of a particular kind of gemstone on an active pay line when they stop spinning. When this happens, you win cash! Playing Princess Jewels is really as simple as that.

What's In the Jewellery Box?

The designers Vegas Technology are to be commended for the graphics in this game- the jewels look fantastic. At the very bottom of the pay scale is a Cubic Zircon. This is followed by the Amethyst, the Citrine, and the Emerald. The most valuable gemstones in the game are the Sapphire, the Ruby, and the Diamond. But the most valuable symbol of all is the Princess herself. Not only is she worth 10,000 coins (up to $100,000, depending on your bet), but she is also a Wild symbol. She plugs the holes in otherwise losing pay lines, turning them into guaranteed wins.

Big Bonus Gems

This game features a bonus round which triggers when three Fairy Godmothers appear on any pay line. It's sort of like the Wheel of Fortune - you get to spend three bonus reels, each covered in the same games that appear on the reels. But this time, each gem is worth a multiplier. After your spins are complete, the multipliers are added up and apply to whatever your initial coin bet was: this is the amount you win.