Triple Rainbow 7s Slots

Triple Rainbow 7s is a video slot game that combines everything that's good about classic one armed bandits with a few features from more modern five reel games. Its beauty is in its simplicity, which will become apparent the moment you look at it: this is one of the easiest games in the world to hit.

Consequently, it's a very good game for beginners to the slot genre, because Triple Rainbow 7s is as simple as they come. But don't assume that just because it's easy to play, it won't pay out well: the top jackpot prize is worth up to $40,000, depending on what you bet.

You can play Triple Rainbow 7s right now at Liberty Slots Casino, live in your browser - no need to download a thing. Playing on a Windows-based computer?

How to Make a Rainbow

The feature set of Triple Rainbow 7s is stripped down to make it easier to play. There's really not a lot to master here: just relax and have fun. All slot machines take coins, but the great thing about playing online is the you get to decide what each coin is worth. You can set it as low as one penny, or push it to the maximum of $10.

Having said the coin value, you must then decide whether to bet one or two coins on each spin. You're allowed to change your mind about this at any time.

Then click the Spin Reels button, and see what comes up when the reels stop moving.

Multi Colored Madness

The symbol set in the game is extremely easy to describe: it's all sevens. Every single symbol in the game is a seven - they're just different colors.

This is what makes the game so easy to play: it will pay out on a line of three sevens regardless of their color. However, getting a line of all the same color is obviously worth more. The colors are, in increasing order of value: Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink, and Red.

There is also a scatter symbol in the form of the big red Triple Rainbow 7s logo.

The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

The game doesn't have a specific bonus round, but it does have a Wild symbol up its sleeve: the Triple Rainbow 7s logo (which, as we've mentioned, is also the Scatter). When this logo is in a line, it triples the value of the payout.

Even better, if you get two logos in the line the payout is multiplied by 9! Just remember that you need to be playing double coins to be in with a chance of hitting the $40,000 jackpot.