Admirals Inn Slots

Ah, the smell of the salt on the air, high adventure awaiting on the high seas … this is the theme of Admirals Inn, a classic and very classy traditional three reel video slot game from Vegas Technology, masters of the art of crafting online casino slots. The game has a sort of old world charm about it – it has very clean lines and a crisp, minimalist yet distinguished graphical style that will appeal to video slots fans who are looking for something a bit different from the usual garish extra-loud design of many of today's slots. Try this excellent game today by downloading the Liberty Slots Casino software – you'll be able play this and many other excellent casino games. They have one of the most comprehensive selections available today, and best of all, they'll even let you test their games for free!

Taking Command of the Fleet

Admirals Inn is based on the design of the original one armed bandits that you used to find all over the place – it's simple to master and fun to play, but it's not without a couple of unique tricks either. Your first decision needs to be how much money to wager on each coin you'll be dropping into the machine. Since you can play Admirals Inn for as little as 10c a coin, it's a great game for beginners to cut their slot teeth on. However, you can also wager up to $10 a coin, so there's plenty of action here for hardened high rollers, too. Next, pick how many coins you'd like to bet on each spin – the game allows up to three coins. Maxing the coins does triple your risk, but it also triples the potential payouts when the machine hits.

Navigate by the Stars and Symbols

Admirals Inn has a very clean and clear paytable in the right of the display, so you won't get lost at sea. But to touch briefly on the main symbols – any Anchor lands you a win. Three in a row, however, lands you the top jackpot this game pays out – up to $15,000 depending on your initial bet. After that, you're looking for a row of Almanacs. The next most valuable are the Bar symbols (just to keep things classic), followed by Barrels of Rum. After that, be on the lookout for the Moon and Stars, the Compass, a Shark, and the Ship's Wheel.

Chartering Bonus Waters

The game is very straightforward, and doesn't feature a bonus round as such, but it does have an interesting feature that many slots don't: a Stop Spin button. Usually, when you play a video slot, you have to wait for the reels to come to rest by themselves, but in this game, you can slam the breaks on the reels at any time you feel like you're in luck. This ads a neat twist to the game, particularly when you can start to feel the symbols getting ready to line up.