Island Hoppers Slots

Island Hoppers is a very clean, straight forward video slot game that's designed to be fun to play without being overly taxing. It has a crisp, fresh look, and it's based on the theme of nipping from island to island, visiting different casinos. In fact, the brands of many affiliated casinos appear on the reels of this game. Island Hoppers is a good game for first-time slots players or people who prefer old school three reel slots. It's a good game for getting your feet wet, but perhaps the $20,000 top prize might not be enough of a draw for high rollers. Not that we'd say no ... Jump in your plane and start hopping by visiting LibertySlots Casino today. You'll be able to play this and many other excellent titles by downloading their free casino software.

Planning Your Route

As we stated, Island Hoppers is a pretty basic game, and as such it easy to master. The only major decision you have to take is how much value to assign to each coin that you'll be playing. Real-world slot machines take coins, and so do online video slot. But here you get to say how much each coin should be worth. Island Hoppers takes coin sizes between 10c and $10. Next, decide whether you want to play one, two or three coins on each spin. Bigger bets will obviously trigger much bigger wins, particularly at the top end of the scale. Then hit the big round Spin button, and see what happens.

Island Style - The Right Style

The images on the reels borrow quite heavily from old school one armed bandit, the majority of them taking a by traditional Bar symbols. Singles, doubles and triples are all present, and the game will pay out on combinations of any Bars, although matching bars pay more. Next up, classic blue 7s, and the game's first unique symbol: a water plane. The second unique symbol is also the game's top jackpot prize: the golden flight wings. If you play this game on maximum bet, three sets of flight wings will earn you $20,000.

Best Value Island Flights

As stripped down as it is, this game doesn't feature a bonus round. It pays out only on standard combinations. Additionally, while the game does pay bigger prizes for the top jackpot on multi coin bets, it pays no extra coins for lower order wins. Therefore, although it seems counter-intuitive, the best value strategy for playing Island Hoppers is to play single coin bets only.