Lucky Fruity 7s Slots

Lucky Fruity 7's is an interesting game in that it combines some of the best features of modern day 5 reel bonus slots with everything that was good about old school 3 reel one armed bandits. It allows multi-coin bets, and supports both wild and scatter symbols, yet it does this in a 3 reel format with a single pay line.

Lucky Fruity 7's is a great choice for people who prefer classic 3 reel slots are would like some of the benefits of 5 reel slots without having to put up with all the garish animation and hectic sound effects.

Play Lucky Fruity 7's today at LibertySlots Casino - you can take it for a test drive right there in your web browser, or download it to your computer for free.

Play It Your Way

one of the nice things about Lucky Fruity 7's is that it doesn't dictate how much money you have to spend to play it - it's completely accessible. While it allows bets of between 1 and 5 coins, you're allowed to set what the financial value of each coin is.

Depending on whether you're a high roller or a beginner player, you could set this as high as $10 per coin or as low as just $0.10 a coin. The reason this feature is so useful is that it allows you to access the benefits of multi-coin bets without straining your bankroll.

Actually playing Lucky Fruity 7's is easy - simply place a bet of between 1 and 5 coins, and hit the Spin Reels button. If a matching combination lines up on the pay line, you've won.

Pick a Piece of Fruit From the Lucky Fruitbowl

Most of the symbols used in Lucky Fruity 7's come from classic 3 reel slot machines, but there are some interesting twists. For example, although the game features Bars, they are singles only. Yet the game will pay out on a combination of one Bar, one Cherry and one Orange Slice.

Other symbols in the game include the Golden Bell and the Lucky Fruity 7's logo, which triggers the game's top jackpot of up to $50,000, depending on how many coins are playing and what they're worth.

More Lucky Fruit For Your Money

The game doesn't have a specific bonus round, but there are a number of features that you can use to increase your winnings. Firstly, bigger bets result in bigger wins, so we recommend that you always play on 5 coins.

But the main thing that makes winning easier in this game is the Lucky Fruity 7's logo symbol. It's both a Wild and a Scatter symbol. If it shows up anywhere on the reels this triggers an instant cash win. If it shows up as part of another combination, it will act as whatever the combination needs to become a winner - and double the payout!