Lucky Lightnin Slots

We are always searching for exciting new slot games, and that search often leads to beautiful, complex, and very modern games that have little to do with the great slot games of the 50s and 60s. But sometimes we really want to get back to the roots of the game—the simplicity of three reels spinning and a single payline, and that is what we found in Lucky Lightnin Slots.

Kickin it Old School

There is a beauty in the simplicity of a three-reel, single payline style of slot game that is all but lost on the more complex video slots that are so dominant today. RealTime Gaming (RTG), the company that has brought us so many of the top high-tech video slots with loads of side games, has also brought us some of the most classic of games, and that is exactly where Lucky Lightnin Slots comes in.

Game Set-up

Lucky Lightnin is a straightforward, old-style three-reel, single-payline game. The coin values range from a single nickel up to $5, but, unlike many single-line games, players may bet up to three coins on each spin, so the top wager per play is $15. This is obviously not a high-roller type of game, but it offers aficionados of traditional styled games a little more risk if they want to up the excitement levels.

Hittin the Jackpot!

If Lucky Lightnin strikes you and you hit the jackpot, when playing $15 per play, the big pot will amount to a whopping $12,500! For a game of this style, this is an exceptionally generous pot, and the risk to payout ratio is very player friendly too. During our trial of the game we were not fortunate enough to hit a jackpot, but we did have a great rate of return for the amount of money played which kept the action going well into the night!

Play Lucky Lightnin Now

Traditional, old-school slot games are a segment of online play that has been ignored for quite awhile in favor of the complex contemporary games. Lucky Lightnin is part of the trend that is returning to the tradition of old-style slot play, and we love it! For some players, the three-reel games will become all they play, but for the rest of us, they are a great variation from the norm—for those times that you don’t want to settle in for three hours of play, but, instead, just want to grab a few quick spins at lunch. Give Lucky Lightnin a try tonight and we bet you will be hooked!