Lucky Games Flash Casino

Lucky Games Casino
Lucky Games Flash Casino is the type of online flash casinos that many people have been looking for. This casino prides itself on being the go-to site to provide multicoin dice games. This form of casino will provide a better experience for online players while giving them the regular online casino features that players have come to appreciate. Lucky Games Flash is based on a system known as the Provably Fair system, which makes it possible and easier for players to check if the casino games are being manipulated. There is a 1 percent House Edge at Lucky Games Flash, and it provides many chances to win money. As a flash casino, players can use their desktop computers, smartphone or tablet or any flash-enabled device to play games.

USA Players Accepted

There are some online casinos that do and others that do not. However, Lucky Games Flash Casino is one of those casinos which do accept USA players. Players from the United States are able to sign up. This is because Lucky Games Flash Casino uses cryptocurrency for fast and anonymous deposit and withdrawal transactions. Most online casinos only use Bitcoins or Litecoin. However, this casino offers transactions with 22 different cryptocurrencies. Some of the coins accepted include Bitcoins, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Doge Coin, BlackCoin, Game Coin, Potcoin, Reddcoin, PIVX Coin, Gulden Coin, Peercoin, Zcash, Clams, Verge Coin, Monero, Shadow, Vericoin, Digibyte, NAV Coin, and Feather Coin. These are just a few and there are many coins accepted at Lucky Games Flash Casino. Anyone new to cryptocurrency will have to first get a coin wallet to purchase coins using an exchange. Some players purchase Bitcoins using fiat currency, and then use this to purchase other cryptocurrency coins. It possible to complete account registration, as when the player enters the casino the website, they are automatically allocated a Lucky Player number. Players can go on to easily set a username and password. There is also a chat function for players to interact and chat to each other as they play games.

Games Available

Lucky Games Flash Casino provides its players with Ball games, Dice, Roulette and Cells. These are all multiplayer games. For example, with the Cells game, players will be shown a gird of cells and can place a wager on the cells. Other players will also be working on the same grid. Players will click through and uncover the different cells. This is a chance to win of 50%, and players have the opportunity to win up to 5x the amount they wager when they play Cells at Lucky Games Flash Casino.

Another game at Lucky Games Flash Casino is the Ball game. Players will place a wager and will see a 10 balls on the screen labelled from 1 to 10. There is a magnet hovering over the balls. It is the players chance to choose different numbered balls and be able to see if this is the one picked by the magnet. It is also possible to see up autoplay for this game. Players can also view how other people are doing as they play the Ball game in Lucky Games Flash Casino.

Bonus and Tournaments at Lucky Games Flash Casino

The promotions for Lucky Games Flash Casino are located below:
  • The casino will run contests on a continual basis. These contests are similar to tournaments at other online casinos. With a contest promotion, players will see the prize amount they have to win and will play to be one of the top spots on the leaderboard. One of the current promotion has a prize pool win of 0.01 BTC. Players will be able to see where they are compared to the other players. Only the top three spots will receive ‘money’ in the form of Bitcoins. The top spot will receive 0.05 BTC, the second place spot 0.03 BTC, and third place, a prize of 0.02 BTC. Players will also be given VIP membership, and the perks which go along with this. The fourth spot on the leaderboard can look forward to just receiving VIP membership.
  • Players will have access to a VIP Program which pays more and gives first access to the contests occurring daily or weekly. One of the great perks about being a VIP is access to the coin faucet to receive even more coins. Players who also participate in the Chat room can have the bot randomly designate them as a VIP. A player being awarded VIP status occurs every 2 hours, and it is a great way to be rewarded for something fun you are already doing.

Try Lucky Games Flash Casino

Lucky Games Flash Casino has so much to offer with a chance to check the games under the Provably Fair system, and a House Edge of 1 percent. Players will enjoy the contest promotions and a chance to use anonymous cryptocurrencies for fast transactions when you play at Lucky Games Flash Casino.