Pay Day Slots

Looking for a good classic slot that's fun to play that doesn't require your undivided attention? Check out Pay Day, an original style three reel slot from Vegas Technology.

What's great about this game is that it keeps things simple, yet fun, and doesn't clog things up with tons of superfluous animations and unnecessary whistles and bells. It keeps things focused on what slots should be about: spinning the reels, and getting the cash.

To see if it's your Pay Day, download the Liberty Slots Casino software and take this game for a spin. You'll find many more games like this in their excellent selection.

Do the Job, Get the Pay

in keeping with its original one armed bandit style, Pay Day is an extremely simple slot play. Your job is simple: drop in the coins, yank the lever, collect the winnings.

Assuming you're new to the game, here's how to play. The three reels in the center of the display are covered in symbols. You'll be spinning the reels and trying to make the symbols line up with each other on the center pay line. If they do, you win coins.

How many coins you win depends on which symbols have lined up, and how many coins you bet to begin with. You're allowed to bet between one and three coins; the higher your bet, the more you stand to win.

The gambling aspect comes in the fact that you can set the value of each coin you'll be using. First timers and conservatives can set this as low as 10 cents, and high rollers can push it $10.

Things Look Pretty Cashy To Me

The symbols that this game uses are largely a set of classics derived from original one armed bandit slot machines. In Pay Day, the 7 symbol will trigger an instant payouts regardless of where it turns up: even a single seven on the pay line will trigger a win.

Next on the list are the Bar symbols in their traditional single, double, and triple combinations. They payout most when three of the same kind land on the pay line, but a mixture of different Bars will also trigger a win.

The most value symbol is, of course, the Pay Day logo. Three of this will cause the machine to haemorrhage cash.

Collect Your Bonus on Pay Day

The main bonus feature of Pay Day is the fact that the Pay Day Logo is wild. Any time it lands inside another combination, it doubles the value of it.

Even better, if two Pay Day logos land on the line, you will win four times the value of whatever the third symbol happens to be.