Global Cup Soccer Slots

In June of 2010 the World Cup Soccer starts in Cape Town, South Africa. Sports fans around the world are awaiting this premier event and plan to travel to the games while others are planning to watch it on their television. Is it any wonder then that Global Cup Soccer Slots is hyping up fans and holding them over until the live matches begin? Or, is it any wonder that Rival Gaming online casino software was brilliant enough to help their players enjoy the exciting lead up to the World Cup Soccer? On April 1, 2010, the software company released Global Cup Soccer Slots, a classic 3 reeled slot game, which comes with a single pay line. Global Cup Soccer Slots offers 12 different winning combinations and players can wager as many as three coins per spin.

A Detailed Payout

This slot game displays a back drop of a grassy soccer field and includes relevant symbols such as the footballs, referees, and bronze, silver, and gold trophies but there are also the classic slot themed icons, the single, double and triple Bar icons. One soccer ball pays out the least, and three referees pay out the most. Depending on the number of coins bet, one football on any reel could pay out three coins, while two footballs will pay out 15 coins. Any combination the three trophies will pay out 3x your bet, and if you get one of each of the gold, silver, and bronze trophies you will get five times what you wagered. Three single bars with the max bet pays 60 coins but if you bet the least amount of one coin you get 20 coins. Three double bars pays out a total of 90 coins with a maximum bet, and three triple bars pays120 coins. Three bronze trophies pays out 180 coins with a maximum bet, and three silver trophies pays 240 coins, and three gold trophy symbols pays out 300 coins when the maximum amount is bet.

Oh yeah...Soccer Balls & Refs

Three soccer balls pays 200 coins for a single coin bet, 400 coins for a two coin bet, and 600 coins for a three coin wager. But...get three Referees and you have hit it big time! Three refs on a pay line with a single coin will give you 750 coins, two coins and three refs will payout 1,500 coins, while three refs on the pay line with a maximum bet, will give you an impressive 2,500 coins.

This one is big time baby! It is sure to bring out the sports lover in you! Check out Global Cup Soccer Slots!