Island Gold Slots

It's commonly believed that when high sea pirates had collected enough golden booty, they would bury it somewhere on an island, and cover their tracks well, making it almost impossible to find the treasure unless you knew exactly where it was. This game is a bit like that: its theme is a deserted jungle island, and it's put together with an attractive yet quite simple interface. If you didn't know better, you might miss the fact that its top jackpot is worth $100,000.

Accordingly, it's an incredibly popular game at the moment, was players around the world trying to trigger the combo that will dig up the loot.

Think you can get your hands on the pirate's booty? Try your hand at Island Gold at the Liberty Slots Casino website today. There's no need to download any software if you don't want to - you can play right there in your web browser.

Prepare to Search the Island

In case you're not familiar with the world of online slots, let's do a quick recap of how games like this are played.

First, as you are aware, the original one armed bandit machines used to take coins. In keeping with this tradition, so does Island Gold, but the twist here is that since the coins are virtual, you can assign them their own cash values. Island Gold's coins can be set anywhere between one cent and $10.

Next, decide how many pay lines you want to play. With the original slot machines, you would try and get symbols to line up on the centre pay line, but Island Gold supports playing above and below this line, as well is the diagonals. Playing all five lines means you're playing five coins as spin - but you're also five times as likely to hit a winning combination.

Island Flora and Fauna

The symbols for this game are made up of creatures and items that you will find around the island. The designers have actually gone to some lengths to populate the game with interesting symbols instead of just relying on high playing card icons.

Expect to see the Compass, the Conga Drums, the Parrot, the Conch Shell, the Tree, the Island Gold logo and the Treasure Chest, among others.

Finding Loot on the Island

Island Gold tries to keep things simple, and so does not include a specific bonus round the way similar games of this genre might do. Therefore, one has to rely on general strategy to get the most out of it. If you can afford it, play at maximum bet, because the top jackpot is 10,000 coins. At max, this equates to $100,000.