Jolly Harbour Slots

Jolly Harbour is a perfect introduction to 5 reel slots for someone who has either never played games like this before, or who comes from a background of playing only 3 reel video slots. This is a branded game, and it's exclusive to Liberty Slots Casino - you won't find this anywhere else. Jolly Harbour, as the name implies, has a nautical theme, with lots of stylized imagery of fish and random items that you'd find under the ocean. However, it is not the seafood that has everyone talking about this game. Instead, it is the $100,000 top jackpot prize. If you fancy taking a shot at it, sail your ship into Jolly Harbour today by visiting Liberty Slots Casino. It's one of the oldest and most established online casinos on the Internet today, built on a foundation of excellent top quality games and a focus on customer service. Download and Play Jolly Harbour Slots at Liberty Slots Casino

How to Sail the Money Boat

As we stated earlier, this is a video slot targeted at first time players of the five reel genre. Because of this, it doesn't hold any major surprises that would confuse newbies. This is a really easy game to play. If you've played three reel games before, you know that the aim is to get the symbols to line up on the center line. But five reel games like Jolly Harbour have a feature that three reel games don't: multiple pay lines. In Jolly Harbour, you can activate a total of five pay lines to catch winning combination. They run above and below the center line, and even diagonally. Each pay line costs a bit of one coin to activate. Naturally, this being an online video slot, you can set the value of the coins to a number that suits your bankroll - anywhere between 1c and $10 is fine.

The Inhabitants of the Jolly Harbour

Jolly Harbour features just five different symbols, making it one of the easier games around to trigger a winning combo in. The pay table begins with a blue Stingray, and is followed by a Candy Lolly (for some bizarre reason). Next up is a Life Preserver, the ship's Wheel, and an Anchor. The top two symbols are a Clown Fish, and the Liberty Slots Casino logo.

Making Bonus Cash in the Harbour

Jolly Harbour is a very simple game, and its designers have decided to exclude some of the more complicated features found in other five reel slots like bonus rounds and Wild symbols. But the game still generates good money for players. The secret to this lies in the fact that 3 of the 7 winning combos will pay out if only two symbols line up. This means that Jolly Harbour pays out a steady stream of low order wins.