Liberty 7s Slots

America, America, from sea to shining sea! That, at least, is the theme of this excellent and rather addictive video slot game which has been creating a bit of a buzz on discussion boards across the net.

Why is this such a talked about game? Well, perhaps because it's a classic: the game is modeled on an original three reel one armed bandit, and uses nothing but traditional imagery. But it has no scatters, no wilds and no bonus round. You would think, therefore, that players would favor more gimmick-laden five reel slots - and yet it's seeing an unprecedented level of traffic.

Perhaps it's because the game has a $100,000 jackpot. Snap.

Get in on the Liberty 7s gold rush by playing the game today at LibertySlots Casino - the software can be downloaded for free, or played right there in your web browser.

Liberty 7s is Easy

This really is a difficult game to play - if you have any experience with video slots you'll feel right at home instantly. If you're new to the genre, you shouldn't have any difficulty picking it up.

Assuming your a slots beginner, the main difference between an online video slot like Liberty 7s and a real-world one armed bandit is that the coins sizes is in use are not fixed: you can define yourself based on your budget and the way you like to gamble.

Liberty 7s accepts coin values between $0.10 and $10.Since there is only a single pay line to bet on, the game allows multiple coin bets: you can wager up to 3 coins per spin. After that, hit the Spin Reels button, and hope that lady luck is smiling down on you.

Images of Liberty

As stated previously, Liberty 7s users only classic video slot imagery from the golden age of this genre.

In this case, were talking specifically 7s and Bars. The Bars are presented in single, double, and triple formats, and while larger winnings are assigned for getting 3 of a kind, you'll still be paid out if you get 3 mismatched bars.

The 7s are presented in 3 colours: red, white, and blue. Wins are assigned for 3 of a kind of each colour, but the game's biggest jackpot is awarded for one red, one white, and one blue.

Winning Big on Liberty 7s

Since the game doesn't feature a specific bonus round, there's really only one strategy that you can use to get the most out of this game: play it on maximum coin. There is very good logic for doing this - the size of the winnings scale depending on how many coins you play.

Low order wins remain purely multiples, but when you reach the upper orders, things change. The top jackpot goes from 2400 coins to 4800 coins - but more than doubles to 10,000 coins when you add a third coin to your bet!