Games with Big Jackpots

Casino players are not looking for just the small wins but want to hit the big jackpots and have fun doing so. This is why players should consider some of the games at Slots.LV Casino that offers big jackpot wins. They will be able to select from a choice of slots, table, and specialty games. Many of these games are fun and well known, and players will discover that it is easy to understand gameplay. With the help of casino bonuses, this is an easy way to enjoy all that the online casino has to offer. Here are some of the games to consider that offer a big jackpot.

Mystic Elements Slots

There are slot games with some big jackpots, and Mystic Elements Slots is one of them inside Slots.LV Casino. Mystic Elements Slots has five reels to see all of the beautiful symbols. Players will get a chance to receive a jackpot that can be around $102,000 or more. The symbols on the reels include the physical elements of water, fire, earth, wind, and light. It is only a matter of spinning the reels and increasing the chance of winning the online jackpot.

Gold Rush Gus Slots

Another fun slots game to try is Gold Rush Gus Slot. This online game is about an elderly miner called Gus who is hard at work in his mine. There are many gems as symbols on the reels, along with mining equipment. Gold Rush Gus slots does have unique bonus features, including one that when a white diamond is given to players, it will activate the progressive jackpot payout. This payout can be as much as approximately $80K to be won.

Cyberpunk City Slots

An unexpected slot game with a big jackpot is Cyberpunk City Slot. It will take players into the world of music and punk rock. They will see colorful neon symbols in this adventure themed slot game. One of the hidden gems of this online slot is that it offers a chance at winning a jackpot that is worth as much as $130,000. Easy gameplay will provide the opportunity to go for the big one.

Let ‘Em Ride

Let ‘Em Ride is a special type of table game. It offers three rounds, and players will receive up to five cards. It is all about receiving a winning combination that will pay big. Players are not competing against the dealer as they would in Blackjack, and they will get at least two chances to raise their wager. The Let ‘Em Ride game does have a big progressive jackpot that can be over $100,000, but players will need to first opt in to the progressive jackpot by placing a dollar on the red circle before they hit the Deal button to start the game. The game will track the online play, and all that is needed is to receive at least a Flush to win a part of the progressive jackpot. Players who managed to get a Royal Flush will receive the entire jackpot.

Caribbean Hold’Em Poker

Caribbean Hold ‘Em Poker is one of the games to consider for players looking for a big jackpot. This is another game in which the jackpot may reach as high as $100K or more. Caribbean Hold ‘Em Poker does have similar gameplay to Stud Poker. However, the player will receive two cards instead of five at the beginning. This will be the same for the dealer. Three cards are placed face down as community cards. Players will need to make a choice whether to raise the bet or fold. The dealer will deal out two more cards, and the dealer’s cards will be shown to see who has won the round. Anyone playing Caribbean Hold ‘Em Poker will need to wager a dollar in the beginning in the area for the progressive jackpot before the cards are dealt. Players will take home all of the jackpot with a Royal Flush.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Another online game with a big jackpot is Caribbean stud poker. This is a special poker game that allows players to compete for a chance at a huge jackpot that can be worth at least $100,000. The game does involve 5 card draws, but the gameplay being against the dealer. Players will see that they will need to have better cards and come to a decision where they should raise their bet or fold. Players will have to wager a $1 and get a Royal Flush to receive the progressive jackpot.

Play For Slots LV Casino Big Jackpots

Now is the time to try any of these online games as you play for big jackpots at Slots.LV Casino.