Top Trumps World Football Stars Slots

Top Trumps World Football Stars Slots is really like no other slots game out there, especially the sports theme ones. This game starts off from the beginning and jumps right into choosing teams for some serious football action. There are 7 teams to choose from, and those who follow European football or soccer will realize these are the most popular teams. You can choose to have Argentina, England, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Spain, and France play each other. You can almost say this is a game within a game. There is also a commentator and the crowd of fans can be heard cheering in the soundtrack for this online slots game. Top Trumps World Football Stars Slots was created by Playtech, so you can expect the same quality of gameplay you are used to in Playtech slots. This includes being able to play this game using download, instant play or mobiles which are compatible with iOS and Android.

Facts About the Game

Gameplay is divided into two sides for Top Trumps World Football Stars Slots based on the teams chosen on the left or right side. This Playtech slots actually has the photos of some of the top trumps or major players in European football. It is arranged by country. There are 5 reels and 15 lines in this game per side. This online slot has three rows and accepts wagers from $0.01 to $5. This makes the max wager $75. Not only is football a very popular sport, but this is also a popular online slots. You will be able to see some of the football greats such as Kaka, Rooney, Beckham, Puyol, Zidane, Del Piero, Ballack, and Ronaldinho. There is not just one player from each team as symbols, but 3 players on the reels when their country is chosen. Other symbols in the game include playing card symbols 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. There is also the Top Trumps game logo, WILD, FREE GAMES, and football symbols. Some of the special symbols include the game logo is the scatter symbol and the football is a bonus symbol.

The Paytable

The paytable for this online slots is interesting. Each player is a symbol in the game and will have a payout for a winning combination. Keep in mind there are seven teams and each of these teams will have at least 3 players on the reels to represent them.

The winning coin amounts for five matching symbols for the football team players include:
  • France: Zidane 5000 coins, Henry 1000, Vieira 500, Any Player 120
  • Spain: Gonzalez 5000 coins, Puyol 1000, Reyes 500, Any Player 120
  • Argentina: Messi 5000 coins, Crespo 1000, Riquelme 500, Any Player 120
  • Brazil: Ronaldinho 5000 coins, Ronaldo 1000, Kaka 500, Any Player 120
  • England: Gerrard 5000 coins, Rooney 1000, Beckham 500, Any Player 120
  • Germany: Ballack 5000 coins, Matthaus 1000, Klinsmann 500, Any Player 120
  • Italy: Del Piero 5000 coins, Totti 1000, Toni 500, Any Player 120

You can see that the game rewards 120 coins for five of a kind of any two players from the teams. This happens during the Mixed Pay Feature. The first team chosen will pay from left to right, and the second team chosen will pay from right to left. However, this changes during the free spin games in which payments are both from left to right and from right to left during free spins.

The payouts for the other symbols are from 100 coins to 300 coins for the 9 to Ace symbols. The scatter does pay and it rewards 125 times the total wager. However, the top jackpot from the base game is 10,000 coins for five of the WILD symbol. No progressive jackpot is to be found.

Slot Bonus Features

There are various bonus features to be aware of during this game.
  • The first is the Wild Feature. This is when the WILD symbols can be counted as a substitute for other symbols on the reels. It can happen as long as the symbols are not the scattered Top Trumps game logo, the flag FREE GAMES symbol, or the football. The wild symbol will not exchange for these.
  • The flag FREE GAMES symbols are needed in this game to activate the Free Spins Feature. This game is unique because you will only need one flag Free Games symbol to start the feature and be awarded 12 free spins. The team members of the country belonging to the flag symbol that activated the free spins will be the only ones to appear on the reels during the free spins. There will be no football or FREE GAMES symbols showing up on the reels during the free spins round. Keep in mind that the payouts during the free games will be in both left and right and right and left directions.
  • Another feature is the Pass the Ball Bonus. This is a feature activated by the football bonus symbol. It will activate the feature when it is on the second reel for teams on the left side, and on the fourth reel for teams on the right side. The ball is passed along the reels and if the players touch the ball then you will receive 3x the win. The feature will only occur during the base game.
  • There is also a Gamble Feature. This is also called a Double Up feature in other slot games. Slot players will see the dealer with a stack of cards. You are given 3 cards to choose from and must select a card higher than the dealers to win either Half or Double. You can lose your winnings from the previous spin that activated the feature with an incorrect guess.

Play The Top Stars

This is a chance to play some of the greatest players in football and enjoy doing so. You can spin the reels between to rival teams or see how gameplay is between your favorite team and an opposing team that they always beat. As you can imagine, there is a lot more waiting to discover when you play Top Trumps World Football Stars Slots!