A Guided Tour of Slots.LV Top Online Tables Games

Casino members will not have to go far to find the best table games when they play at Slots.LV Casino. They will discover that all of the top casino table games are right there at their fingertips. Please only need to read this helpful guide to discover how to play games such as Roulette, Dice, Baccarat, and blackjack. This is a chance to play these games for real money and to do so online without having to leave your house and travel to a casino to enjoy these games.

Play Blackjack Online

A very popular type of game available at Slots.LV Casino is called Blackjack. This is a way to play a table game for real casino money. There are a few things to take notice of when playing blackjack, and players will be able to discover that there are various strategies they can adopt while playing this online casino game. One of the characteristics that draw members to play Blackjack is that it has a lower house edge compared to slot games. This will give players the opportunity to look at all the Blackjack games available.

Get Started with Blackjack

Another way to get started with Blackjack games is to log into the casino and navigate to the table games section. Players will see that the games are organized in two different types, and they will only need to choose the blackjack games today which are available to them. Currently, the online casino has up to 8 different types of blackjack, and it is possible to play live dealer blackjack in the VIP room. There is no hard or fast rule about which type of blackjack game to choose from in the table game section. However, most players that are new to blackjack will begin with the classic versions and then move up to more advanced types of blackjack gameplay. Some of the types include Classic Blackjack, Classic Single, Blackjack, Double Deck, Single Deck, Perfect Pairs, Zappit Blackjack, and European Blackjack. The rules for the game are pretty straightforward, and it involves a player going against the dealer to see who comes closest to 21 based on the cards they are holding. This is the reason why blackjack is also called 21 by some players. Gameplay is pretty straightforward with choosing a wager and then requesting that the dealer deal out your cards. Two of your cards will be shown face up, and the dealer also will have two cards, but only one will be face up for the dealer’s cards. Players will have the opportunity to either choose to hit and receive another card, or they can stand and not receive any additional cards. If the player makes the right choice and their cards are closest to 21 without going over then, they can win. If the total sum of their cards equals exactly 21, they will win even more.

Play Dice Games Online

How to play dice for real money inside of Slots LV Casino. One of the games for players to take notice of is called roll the dice, and it is an Asian theme game. Members can get started by first navigating to the table games area, where they can find the latest dice games online.

Getting Started with Dice

Dice is an easy game to play, and it is possible to win as much as 33x the wager. Players will discover that the board that they play on is very easy, and it's just a matter of understanding what all the various squares represent. There are at least seven squares to wager on, and each one represents an option for wagering. Some of the options include a rooster, prawn, fish, crab, triple, coin, and calabash. Players will select the square they want to place a wager in and then make a roll of the dice using the button located on the dashboard.

After rolling the dice, if the symbol that the player has wagered on appears, they will win. You can win at least 1x when at least one symbol appears. If the symbol selected appears on three of the dice, then this win goes up to 12x. Selecting the triple wager will payout the 33x win if the square chosen appears on all three dice. Keep in mind that it is possible to wager on more than one square.

Play Baccarat Online

Baccarat is an easy game to follow for those that are new to playing it. Members of Slots.LV Casino will only need to look inside the table game section to see what Baccarat games are available for them to play. Similar to blackjack, this is another game that is between the player and the dealer. There is also a live version to be found inside of the live casino. The dealer is called the banker in this game.

Getting Started with Baccarat

Gameplay consists of betting on the outcome. It is all about trying to get a hand of cards that is as close to 9 as possible. Casino members can place a wager that either the player or the banker will win, or they can wager that it will be a tie. Players will receive more money if they wager that it will be a tie with as much as a win of 9x. However, the odds of a tie are low with only a 9.6% chance of it happening. Baccarat has good odds with the player receiving a win of at least 44.6 percent and the banker receiving a win with odds of 45.8 percent.

Play American Roulette Online

American roulette is a very simple game to play inside of this online casino. It only involves putting a wager on a number or selection of numbers and having the dealer spin the wheel. Players will then watch for the little ball to see what number it falls on, and this will determine if they have one and how much. Anyone who would like to try something new also selects European roulette inside of the table games section. American roulette has been optimized to play on a mobile device such as an iPad, iPhone, or Android phone or tablet.

Getting Started with American Roulette

American roulette is straightforward when playing just the classic version of the game. However, there are many different ways to play it, and casino members will be able to put down numerous different types of wagers and combinations of bets. This makes it possible for players to cover as many outcomes as possible. The game has inside and outside bets. The inside wages can be placed on a group of numbers that might be located next to each other. The outside wages consist of more simple and straightforward bets, such as if the number would be odd or even or red or black. The outside bets are safer and will reward less than the inside, and inside wagers can pay as much as 35x.

Play Tri Card Poker Online

Your table game to take notice of is called Tri Card Poker. This is a game that involves the dealer, and it only has three cards to keep track of. Players will be able to visit the table games area and experience trying card poker.

Getting Started With Tri Card Poker

In this table game, players will be playing against the dealer, and it is all about making a judgment if you are able to beat the dealer based on the cards that you have. After making a wager, they can hit the deal button and will see that they are dealt three cards that are facing up. The dealer will also be dealt three cards, but they will be facing down. Players will only have to determine if the cards they have are better than the dealer, and they can raise to begin gameplay.

There is also the option to fold and lose the wager that was made. When a player does raise, and the dealer has a Queen, this is considered to be a qualifying hand. However, if the dealer does not have a Queen, the player will be paid out. When the dealer reveals a Queen among his cards, then the hand between the dealer and player that is better will win. This is a table game that also has the ability to increase the amount won through various side bets.

Get Started On Table Games

As players can see, getting started with table games inside of the online casino is entertaining and filled with a lot of choices. Members can try table games at Slots.LV Casino to determine which is their favorite or to play all of them.