Royal Caribbean Slots

As far as traditional three reel video slots go, the Royal Caribbean is one of the best out there. It's classy and the market, yet maintains a slightly tongue in cheek sense of fun that shines through once you get into that. It is a striking visual style, making use of classic Renaissance imagery (which is just another way of saying that it looks posh) and the top jackpot prize that is worth in the region of $16,000, depending on how you like to bet. It's an unconventional game, but that's probably what's so appealing about it. Play the Royal Caribbean today at Liberty Slots Casino.

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Learning the Ways of the Royal Court

The visual style of Royal Caribbean is such that at first glance you might find yourself wondering what the game could possibly be about, but never fear: this is at heart a rock solid, classic three reel video slot. It's delight is purely in its visual stylings, but it's not hiding anything complex. To get started, place a wager of anywhere between $.10 and $10. Royal Caribbean features only a single pay line, so just keep your eyes on the centre. Click the big round Spin button to start the reels moving. The aim of the game is to try and get symbols to line up with each other when the reels stop moving. Good luck!

Meet the Royals

We don't know enough of our Renaissance history to be able to accurately identify any of the characters used in the game's imagery, and it makes no attempt to label them. But suffice it to say that the King's Head is the game's Scatter symbol. The next most valuable symbol is what appears to be a dancing man, followed by someone riding a red horse, and finger pointing in the air. Next up is a bearded chap with his head wrapped in cloth, and he is followed by the court jester. The most valuable symbol in the game is the aforementioned Scatter symbol: three of the King's Head will earn you the game's top prize.

Royal Stratagems

Royal Caribbean is a straightforward one armed bandit. It has no Wild symbols, and no special bonus round. The only real strategy comes in knowing how many coins to bet. On most wins, having bet multiple coins results in wins that are multiples of the single coin payout. But if you hit three Kings, playing multiple coins proves most valuable. In fact, the highest value jackpot in the game - potentially $16,000 - comes with hitting the jackpot on three coins. The winning strategy, then, is to always play 3 coins. You can adjust the coin value to suit your pocket, but never play less than 3.