Gladiators Gold Slots

Gladiators Gold is a video slot that celebrates the lifestyle and culture of gladiators in ancient Rome. Unlike the movie of a similar name, Gladiators Gold isn't a gory mash up with dismembered limbs flying everywhere. Instead, it tries to showcase this lifestyle by invoking imagery of the objects surrounding the Colosseum.
And does a fantastic job, actually. The graphics are very stylized and clipped, and overall they lend an air of sophistication to the game. This is a good, solid video slot, and it's a great one to try if you are new to the concept of five reel slots.
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Battle School

Gladiators Gold is, at its core, a very pure five reel slot, unencumbered by the whistles and bells that makes some of its peers overly complicated. As a result, it's a game that you can master with very little practice - perfect for a first-time slots player.
As it's a simulation of a real world slot machine, it uses virtual "coins" to play, but you get to set their value. Feeling timid? Start off by betting just one cent. Ready for war? Set it at $10. Then spin the reels, and if matching symbols line up on the pay line when the reels come to a stop, you've won a prize.
If you wish, you can gain an advantage by adding extra pay lines to snag combinations that are forming up but missing the center line. Gladiators Gold lets you activate up to 4 additional pay lines (5 total). Each line that you add costs you an extra stake, but it also gives you an extra chance to win.

Morituri Te Salutant

The designers of this game are to be congratulated for not falling back on the high playing cards to fill up the reels. Instead, there's a lush array of objects associated with being a gladiator.
On the lower end of the pay scale is the Coliseum and the Sword and Shield. They're not worth tons, but they come up often.
After that, a Pair of Axes, and Caesar's Head both bring in wins of 50 coins. The Chariot and the Suit of Armour are both worth 100 coins each, and the Centurion's Helmet will pull in 250 coins.
If you manage to get five Lions, you'll see 500 coins in prize money, and the top jackpot prize is awarded for five of the Gladiator's Helmet, worth 1,000 coins. Depending on what you bet, that could translates to around $10,000.

Gain the Edge in the Arena

Gladiator's Gold is a very simple, straightforward game, and doesn't feature any bonus rounds, Wild symbols or Scatters. There is, however, one feature that you can employ to change the outcome.
Next to the Spin button is the Stop Spin button. You're allowed to hit it any time after the first reel has settled, and it freezes the other reels in place. Could be useful if you have lightning reflexes.