Play the Ponies at Bovada Casino

There is no better way to get your gamers’ blood pumping than to spend a day wagering at the track! The excitement is palpable. The smells and the sounds contribute to the energy in the air, but the best part, of course, is the running of the horses when all of your expertise, your hunches, and your blind luck are put to the test. It is often called the Sport of Kings because if there is a single gambling experience that tops them all, it is horse racing.

The Bovada Option

Unfortunately not all of us have beautiful horse tracks nearby, and, if we do, not everyone thrives on the buzzing environment. You can still catch the fun and action of the horse track however at Bovada online casino ! They have a terrific horse racing option, and you can use your Bovada play account for your wagering.

Logging In

Getting to the track is as easy as win-place-show! Just head to the website and at the top of the page, select the tab labeled “Horses”. That takes you directly into the horseracing page where you will find a ribbon running down the left side of the page with the names of numerous tracks in the US as well as sections that take you to Australian tracks. Across the top of that page there are also several tabs that will take you to particular events, ad highly contested national events such as the Breeders’ Cup and, of course, the Triple Crown.

Place Your Bets

Betting is very simple as well. You choose the track that you wish to play—the races at that track will be displayed. There is a listing of all the horses in each race with check boxes beside each one—you simply check your choices for win, place, and show, and you are ready to go! The races are all updated early in the day, so it is possible to place all your bets in the morning, and wait for the results. All results are, of course, will be updated in real time on the Results tab at the top of the page.

Play the Ponies Today!

We love horse racing, and it is something that every gamer should experience. And Bovada Casino makes it so easy to do from the comfort of your own home! So read up on your favorite jockeys and horses and place your bets for the big winners. Once you try horse racing at Bovada, you will be hooked!