Social Media Games growing by leaps and bounds – billions at stake

Social Media games are becoming more and more popular with players and there is billions at stake in the industry.

With the gaming industry taking off in the United States, investors/entrepreneurs will be looking to capitalize on the opportunities. Investors are not only looking at the online casino games market, they also have their sights on the social media casino games market, which has been and will continue to grow at an astonishing rate.

Land based gaming in the USA is very big business, with an estimated $32 billion of revenue annually coming from the online gaming based outside the US, therefore its only a matter of time before the US begins to cash in on this lucrative source of revenue.

Industry predictors are saying that the future will be geared towards mobile gaming and they estimate that market share will be in the $100 Billions over the next 4-5 years.

What will the next step be?

The online gaming markets could very will see a new competitor for attracting players to gaming, in the form of the social casino games, which are already evident on Facebook, where there are already millions of players on the social media site daily, this represents 1/7th of players in the world. It certainly looks to be something players and players in the industry would want to cash in on. Casinos companies in Atlantic City for instance have been allowing the land based casinos to be able to create and run websites that will accept bets and it is expected that it won't be long before some of the land based casinos have their own social casino games all over the World Wide Web.

Where can gamers play, today

At present there are already places where players are able to play social casino games, and two of the pioneering games are Slots Farm and Slotomania, these two have proven to be so popular they have literally taken the industry to the next level. These games and others are available on Facebook, and players are also able to chat with other players, send them gifts such as virtual coins, chips and other presents to competitors and friends. On Facebook the options have no limits and it does not look like it will slow down at any time soon. These two games are also offering bonuses, promotions, and social casino tournaments. There are millions of fans that have clicked 'like' who are actively playing the many games that are on offer.

One of the first social media sites in the world was Myspace, it focused on musicians for them to be heard on a larger scale. Co-founder of Myspace, Chris De Wolfe is currently launching a social casino gaming studio, which has already been attracting investors, and some of these investors are the founder of Amazon and Google's Executive Chairman who are buying in on this market.

It has become very easy for players as it is to log into their Facebook accounts, or just streaming a movie from the internet. Social media has already set their mark and will be setting waves in the casino world in the future.